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Viva ACP's Nationwide Reach: Powering PAN India Projects

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In architecture and construction, choosing the right materials can make all the difference. And in today’s era where the focus is on sustainability, building materials like aluminium composite panels are lauded for their versatility and diverse appearances. Primarily used for facades and claddings, these materials are manufactured by major companies around the world.
From spectacular commercial exteriors to vibrant residential interiors, ACP plays a major role in making buildings stand out in terms of aesthetics and functionality. ACP claddings also improve energy efficiency as well as the overall appearance of any building.
And when it comes to ACP solutions in India, Viva ACP has earned a reputation for excellence. With a nationwide reach, Viva ACP has become a trusted aluminium panel sheet manufacturer and supplier in powering PAN India projects. In this blog, let’s explore some of the finest projects that use Viva aluminium composite panels and the factors that contribute to the company's extensive reach in becoming the go-to choice for architects and builders across the country.

Collaborations with Renowned Projects

Viva ACP's projects portfolio is dotted with collaborations with some of the most renowned architectural marvels across the country. Whether it is iconic commercial buildings to residential complexes, educational institutions to healthcare facilities, Viva’s aluminium panel sheets have left their mark on diverse project types. Viva’s body of work includes ACP solutions for the construction of corporate headquarters, shopping malls, hotels, and airports, enhancing the visual appeal and performance of these structures.

Major Projects Across India using Viva ACP

Green Palladia, Surat

Standing tall in the Palanpor region in Surat, the Green Palladia is a futuristic commercial project. A new-age business space, this project by Sardhara Group is designed following ultimate standards of safety in terms of structure and architecture. The exterior facade uses 7-star fire-retardant Class B aluminium panel sheets by Viva. The project uses shades that include hues like Walnut Wood, and Egg White.
  • Shade Used:   VA395/VA114/VA345
  • Specifications:  4MM 7* AND 4 WM FR B
  • Quantity: 10000 Sq. Mt.
Green Palladia, Surat Project By VIVA ACP

Chennai Rail Metro, Chennai

Spread over 9 acres, this brand-new official building is designed to be the new head office of Chennai Rail Metro. A prestigious project, the building is an excellent piece of modern architecture. This 12-storey building employs the use of aluminium composite panels. The ACP sheets used in the project are of FR Class A2+ which has a 100% non-combustible core and offers ultimate fire safety.
  • Shade Used: VC 289
  • Specifications: FR Class A2
  • Quantity: 18000 Sq. Mt.

West Port, Pune

A dynamic commercial project, West Port, Pune is one of the splendid architectural marvels in the region. With an out-of-the-ordinary structural design, Westport has been clad with a combination of the shades, some of them are grey, white, and Corten Steel-inspired Aluminium Composite Panels. Chosen by the architects, this creates an enigmatic contrast in the visual appearance. The panels give the building a sense of rustic charm and also offer protection against weather and pollution. The aluminium panel sheet grade used in the project is of fire-retardant class B1, which comprises 70% mineral and 30% polyethylene core.
  • Shade Used: VA 102, VA 303, VA 8016
  • Specifications: 4MM.50-FR B1
  • Quantity: 10000 Sq. Mt.
Westport Project Banner, Pune By VIVA ACP

M3M 65th Avenue, Noida

A world-class commercial cum residential project in the heart of Gurgaon, M3M 65th Avenue is yet another feather to Viva’s hat. Employing a futuristic design and a stunning facade choice, the project incorporates aluminium panel sheets in shades that are champagne gold and metallic gold. Designed to withstand the impact of nature and time, these panels come together to create a magical facade for years to come.
  • Shade Used: VA 108, VA 115
  • Specifications : 4MM / 7Star / FR B1
  • Quantity: 18000 Sq. Mt.

Phoenix Centaurus, Hyderabad

Another remarkable commercial project that is thoughtfully planned to offer businesses the leap of growth. A stellar property, Phoenix Centaurus employs a facade design that enhances the overall appeal of the building. The architecture is an example of Viva’s dedication to offering personalised solutions to clients. Phoenix Centaurus is clad with a customised shade with a panel thickness of 4mm which not only gives the panel a modern exterior as well as protection.
  • Shade Used: Customised
  • Specifications : 4MM.5/ FR Class B1
  • Quantity: 25000 Sq. Mt.
Phoenix Aquila, Hyderabad

Uncovering Viva's Extensive Presence Across India

Viva ACP's success can be attributed to its extensive presence across India. With a robust network of 18 warehouses and 500 dealer or distributor networks, the company has established a strong foothold in major cities and regions nationwide.
Viva ACP's presence is truly nationwide, from metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai to emerging markets in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. It is this broad network that ensures that architects and builders can choose from the diverse aluminium panel sheet range and services offered by Viva ACP, irrespective of their location, which therefore enables them to seamlessly execute projects of a small scale to large scale.

Why are Viva ACP Panels the Go-to Choice for Architects?

Contemporary projects prioritise two aspects: high-quality products and parallel support in all stages of construction. And Viva meets both demands Viva, we believe our commitment to quality is a driving force behind our widespread popularity across the country.
In addition, we offer a range of aluminium panel sheets that meet international standards and cater to diverse architectural needs. Aluminium composite panels by Viva are extremely versatile, flexible, long-lasting and weather/impact resistant.
Whether it's exterior cladding, interior decoration, signage, or any other application, Viva ACP offers the ultimate safety with fire-retardant solutions. Accredited by Thomas Bell Wright Bell International Consultants, Viva’s aluminium composite panels are the best in the market.
Besides, irrespective of the project demands, Viva offers over 300 shades as well as customisation solutions for clients — which allows architects and designers to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life.
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