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Viva is now the Official Partner for Petrol Pumps Nationwide

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In a remarkable turn of events, VIVA announced its Association with HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited), India’s well-known oil and Gas Company. This collaboration is set to adorn the petrol pumps, to transform the face of petrol pumps nationwide.
The sturdy, lightweight, weather-resistant, and ACP sheets are the new-age material to enhance the canopy of petrol pump structures. The (Association) between VIVA and HPCL marks a significant milestone in the domain of infrastructure design and emphasizes the importance of refurbishing the branding structures of oil and gas companies.
With over 48900 petrol pumps all over India, HPCL has 18,776 petrol pumps, spread across different locations in India. VIVA has already started Transforming a good number of pumps, and the rest is under construction.

A Partnership of Uncompromising Quality

HPCL's decision to partner with VIVA was driven by the impeccable quality standards maintained by the company. To ensure quality and the capacity of production meets the demand of HPCL, a team conducted a rigorous method of plant inspection.
The production process was evaluated and the ACP material itself was tested thoroughly at IIT Delhi Labs, guaranteeing superior performance and durability. The technical evolution, warranty backup, and Viva’s coil coating facility within manufacturing premises instilled confidence in HPCL’s decision.

The Choice of the Right Colour

Brand colours are important for any business, it is the identity that stays in the consumer’s mind. Perfecting the colour of the brand is one of the crucial factors in outdoor branding. This is why, our 3 colour coating line, allows us to bring the right shades that perfectly represent the brand. From our vault, HPCL has chosen, VA505 Silver, VA506 White, VA507 Grey, VA508 Blue, and VA509 Red. These are responsible for elevating the aesthetic from front elevation to signages so that HPCL speaks of quality in every inch.

How is VIVA Adding Value to This Partnership?

Enhancing Petrol Pump Aesthetics

More often than not, petrol pumps are considered mundane and unattractive structures, merely as fuel dispensers. However, this partnership aims to redefine the way petrol pumps are perceived. The canopy, and the pillars which are the only structures of any gas station, have the opportunity to highlight brand colours. Our sheets which represent the brand colours are coated with PVDF and FEVE paints, which ensures long-lasting lustre and shine to the panels, hence offering an excellent opportunity to enhance the visual appeal that captures the attention of passersby.

Bringing Quality to the ACP Panels

One of the factors that led this collaboration, is our commitment to quality. VIVA only uses 3105 Aluminium alloy procured from Hindalco, an Aditya Birla Limited Company. Along with that, it utilizes Low Density polyethylene (LDPE)core, that represents strength, impact resistance, and durability.

Branding with Signages

Effective branding and signage play a vital role in establishing a strong brand identity and attracting customers. Petrol pumps, being crucial touchpoints for fuel consumers, can leverage VIVA's ACP sheets to create visually appealing signages and prominent brand logos. The sleek and vibrant ACP panels provide an excellent canvas for showcasing HPCL's branding elements, enabling better brand recall and customer engagement.

Lowering Cost for Maintenance

The ACP sheets are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV radiation, and corrosion. By incorporating these sheets into the design of petrol pumps, HPCL ensures their longevity and reduces maintenance costs. The high resistance of ACP sheets to fading and discoloration ensures that the petrol pumps retain their aesthetic appeal for an extended period, even in challenging environments.

Benefiting Stakeholders and Consumers

The collaboration between VIVA and HPCL offers numerous advantages to both customers and stakeholders. Customers visiting petrol pumps will be greeted with modern, visually appealing structures that provide a pleasant experience. The improved aesthetics and branding will enhance the overall perception of HPCL, making it a preferred choice.

A Partnership to Revitalize Petrol Pumps

In an effort to make petrol pumps visually appealing and create brand-centric structures, ACP plays a significant role. The lightweight, easy-to-install, chip-free, and durable sheets can transform any structure in a short span. This collaboration is a representation of that, and HPCL’s effort to make a significant milestone in the evolution of petrol pump aesthetic.
A pioneer in the ACP industry, VIVA brings innovation in design and satisfies the needs of different industries. The 3mm sheet, 4mm sheet, and 6mm sheet that conforms to ASTM and Indian standards stand the test of time as part of the facade and signages at the petrol pumps.
As we witness the progressive transformation of petrol pumps nationwide, we can anticipate an enhanced customer experience, reinforced brand identity, and sustainable infrastructure. VIVA's ACP sheets, coupled with HPCL's vision, demonstrate the power of collaborative partnerships in driving positive change across various industries.
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