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Viva Launches Premium ACP Facade Shades

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The changing needs of the building and design industry require innovation and creativity to keep up with such trends. The same goes for the Metal Composite Panels! Since we generally associate such panels with light weight, flexibility, and shiny surfaces, it was time for something new. At Viva, we constantly strive to bring a fresh feel to ACP sheets. We have created two brand-new ACP facade shades with our very own Research and Development Centre, we discovered and figured out the gaps in the market and have come up with brand-new series.  Take a look at these premium ranges of metal composite panels.  

Lustre Series

Remember the generalisation that we just talked about? All metal composite panels are considered shiny and have a glossy finish. But what about a more sophisticated version of aluminium composite panels? Or perhaps a range that has a matte finish? We know it sounds fantastic.

 Aesthetically Pleasing

The Lustre Series by Viva is all about the velvety finish, which is rich, glamorous yet subtle. Interior and exterior wall panelling material from this range has a smooth surface, is highly matte in look, is velvety in texture, and has a suede touch and feel. They are also available in a wide range of colour options. These ACP sheets can be phenomenal alternatives to shiny cladding material, exuding a soft and polished look.

 Non-reflective Material

Panels from this series do not have shiny surfaces, which means, they do not reflect light. The feature makes them a great option for buildings that receive direct sunlight. Some of the exclusive shades from the series include tones of grey – Velvet Platinium, Velvet Oslo Grey, and Velvet Basalt Grey. The series also has a line of warmer tones that feel rich and tasteful Velvet Maize, Velvet Sedona, and Velvet Tacao.

ALZinc Series

One of a kind and the first in the world, ALZinc panels by the House of Viva have introduced the future of Metal Composite Panels. These brand-new panels are produced by combining the two metals – alumnium as substrate, and zinc as colours. Engineered to replace Zinc panels (ZCPs), ALZinc panels are better in every way. Both Zinc and Aluminium Composite Panels are widely used as cladding materials. But what extra benefits do you get from the ALZinc panels? Here are a few.

Economical Alternative

For architects, builders, and designers looking for cost-effective facade and cladding options, ALZinc can be a fantastic alternative. This is because Zinc is more expensive than Aluminium and unlike ZCPs, these new-age panels only use Zinc shades as the top coating.

Low on Weight

ALZinc panels only use Zinc Shade as a layer of PVDF coating, making it hardly contribute to the total weight of the panels. Hence, this is very different than that of ZCPs, which use sheets of Zinc on a thermoplastic core.

Vintage Look and Feel

The ALZinc panels are a perfect fit for architecture or design that demands a rustic and vintage vibe. These panels add a touch of elegance and charm that no other cladding material can offer.

Reduced Manufacturing Time

These modern panels take much less time to be manufactured when compare to ZCPs. Because of the less complex procedure, it only takes these two weeks to manufacture these ACP sheets, while Zinc Composite Panels take much longer (up to 4 months) to be produced. ALZinc panels have a vintage texture and feel to them. Available in grey, warm, and cool tones, some of the shades are AlZinc Slate, AlZinc Anthracite, ALZinc Blue, ALZinc Red, ALZinc Brown, and ALZinc Green.


At Viva, we offer superior-quality building materials for cladding and facades in vibrant shade ranges. Owing to these latest additions, our range of premium and customisable interior and exterior panels at Viva can breathe life into buildings and interiors.
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