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ACCP Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel

VIVA’s FR A2+ Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel (ACCP) – Keep Your Worries Aside

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The external appearance of an Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel (ACCP) is similar to that of regular ACP; however, what distinguishes it is the innovation in core technology, which replaces the flammable core of ACP with a non-combustible pure Aluminium core. ACCP sheets have the unique ability to endure high temperatures and adverse weather conditions. The cold-formed water corrugated type aluminium corrugated core composite plate features a distinct thermosetting bonding surface and a curved panel back plate, which boosts bonding strength and has metal.
The ACCP Panel's exceptional adhesion ensures a stable and long-lasting bonding performance as well as a long building life. ACCPs, also known as aluminium three-dimensional board, are improved honeycomb panel that does not have the high unit price of aluminium honeycomb panels but is stronger and lighter. It is entirely made of metal with no plastic components, which is ecologically friendly, and fireproof.  The quantity of aluminium used in the innovative three-dimensional physical structure is minimal. The appearance is diversified, whether it is a natural stone, premium marble, wooden texture, rustic or brush.

Advantages of Aluminium Corrugated Core Panel

  •  Lightweight: The highly efficient ACCP has a unit area of 3.8kg/m2 which exponentially reduces the construction time. It is made of AL3003/AA3105 aluminium alloy, with 0.5mm coil thickness on top and bottom. Due to its lightweight and lower exposure strain, it extends the life of the building.
  • Processability: ACCPs are easy to process, cut, punched and bent. It can also be shaped with flat and curved plates, due to its high bendability.
  • Environmental protection: Aluminium Corrugate Composite Panel is easy to clean and maintain with zero toxic gas release which helps protect the environment and make the product sustainable.
  • Sound insulation: The curved surface reflection formed by the corrugated arc core plate on the sound wave eliminates the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the back plate, and enhanced the sound insulation performance by 25 dB and more.
  • Weather Resistance: PVDF coating on the surface offers excellent weather resistance and can preserve its original colour under harsh weather conditions.
  • Aesthetics: The ACCP sheet ideally blends elegance and performance. It brightens the look and substantially enhances the building's durability and aesthetics.
  • Durability: Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel offers a strong and long-lasting bonding performance. Its tensile and compressive strength, 180-degree peeling strength, ultra-high surface flatness and ease of manufacturing, save construction time and costs. It has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-fouling properties.
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  • Physical Properties: The ACCPs are 4mm thick with specific gravity of 3.8kg /m2.
  • Thermal insulation: The ideal product for thermal insulation is the ACCP sheet, which is water corrugated and creates an air passage between the panel and the back plate. The air in the channel heats up and carries away heat as a result of solar radiation, hence providing thermal insulation.
  • It is totally made of aluminium and is 100% recyclable.
  • It has an FR A2 grade fire retardant ability which makes it a non-combustible product a preferable alternative if the cladding material of your project needs to be fireproof.
Medical labs, showrooms, chemical factories, plants, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces are all increasingly using FR grade Aluminium Corrugated Composite panels (ACCP). VIVA'S ACCPs contain an aluminium honeycomb core that decreases the intensity and speed of flame propagation, reducing the loss of life and property in the tragic case of a fire.
In the case of a fire, the ACCPs do not participate actively in combustion and do not generate hazardous gases. The victims can safely depart the spot while avoiding molten droplets.
Highly pure aluminium sheets are used to make the products, which are combined with modern science and technology and high-precision equipment.
We value efficiency and consistency in manufacturing in addition to research and development, which can be seen by our varied product line. Since its inception, VIVA has been regarded as having the most updated product portfolio in the ACP panel market.
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