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What is the process of PVDF Colour Coating of Viva's Aluminium Composite Panel?

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Today, metal composite panels come in a range of textures, hues, and patterns. As manufacturing companies are coming up with creative and technologically advanced panels, it is the PVDF coasting that act as the foundation for the stem of success. No matter what building you live, in or what type of metro you travel to, PVDF coating is part of your daily life without you even knowing.
PVDF coating or polyvinyl fluoride coating is a liquid-based coating applied on aluminium composite panels to enhance their ability to resist abrasion and corrosion. As the coating comes in multiple hues, it helps to enhance the sheet's appearance.
So, as the topic suggests, without any further ado, let’s understand what process is involved in the PVDF coating of Viva’s ACP sheets.

The PVDF Application Process

PVDF is applied in our manufacturing plant, with a resin-based liquid coating system also known as a liquid spray coating gun. Here are the following steps that outline the process of PVDF coating application on ACP sheets.
  1. Surface Preparation- The application of high-quality paint requires a smooth and abrasion-free surface. For this, the surface of the aluminium alloy sheet is prepared. Cleaning, degreasing, and oxidation, or removal of rust are done on the surface of the aluminium.
  2. Primer- Primer is applied on the surface after surface preparation, which effectively stabilizes the metal surface and improves adhesion for application of the top layer.
  3. PVDF Top Coating- Colour pigment is applied on the surface with the application of the top layer of coating. It serves as a surface to protect the panel from abrasion, as well as damage from sunlight and water.
  4. PVDF Clear Coating- In this 3-layer coating process it is the topmost layer or the final coating of the aluminium panel. It is a must to cure the sheets to protect them from weather changes and ensure the durability that comes with its resistance to damage during exposure to tough environments.

Benefits of PVDF Coating on Aluminium Skin

Color-retention Quality

In PVDF inorganic compounds are mixed with resin that determines the colour, durability, and vibrancy of the coating. In any architectural design, pigments play a crucial role in determining the overall appearance.

Shine on the panels

The PVDF coasting offers glossiness to the panel that keeps the shine intact. The metal coatings are available in a range of gloss options that help create a finesse in the design and texture of the panels.

Chalk and Fade Resistance

Chalking occurs when the paint has a low resistance to weather change, resulting in powder formation. It leads to fading of colour of the panels. To protect the panels from chalking and fading correct formulation is important. Carbon-fluoride bonds are mixed with PVDF paint to enable stubbornness for resistant corrosion or chalking of the aluminium composite panel.
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 Resistant from UV rays

In terms of polymer resins used to coat ACP sheets, PVDF is the most UV-resistant. The PVDF coasting does not reflect heat like glass panels, this is an eco-friendly way of improving the sustainability of the building without harming its durability or beauty. Moreover, it helps lower energy costs, as the PVDF coatings keep interior spaces comfortable and cooler than the exterior environment.

Why Viva’s PVDF Coating ACP Sheet Is The Right Choice?

Viva’s PVDF coating is made of 70% KYNAR 500 certified PVDF. The paint confirms ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN (European Nation)Standards. This is lead-free paint that keeps it away from toxins.
We at Viva procure paints from leading paint companies, some of which are Nippon, Bergers, PPG, Akzonobel, and Monopol. Viva is a leading producer and largest exporter of ACP sheets, ZCP, Solid aluminium panels, and honeycomb panels in India. The top-quality coating of panels requires minimal maintenance and effectively decreases your maintenance expenses.