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Why Does Facade Consultant Play An Important In The Facade Industry?

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In general, façade design is associated with prestigious and landmark buildings. An exterior cladding does more than just adding an aesthetic to outward-facing wall. It impacts people creating the first impression and contributes to the functionality of your building.
As an integral part of a building design, it provides a unique identity to every construction. Besides, it showcases the importance of a particular construction to communities across the country or the locality. The façade design is very common in modern architecture that not only enhances building design but adds various functional characteristics like security, strength, and durability.
The façade consultant’s job is to bring their imagination to life experimenting with exterior cladding materials such as Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), Stone Cladding, Zinc Composite Panel etc of various shapes and sizes.

Role of a facade consultant

To install building facades typically, a design team falls under the primary criteria to keep the right balance between several technical parameters and design details. A building’s design has a lot of aspects including structural, aesthetic, thermal, safety, security, material and more.
Besides, as per different needs of applications, the process of façade cladding installation differs from one sector to another and one material to another. Eg. the ACP Installation method differs from glass cladding. With the increasing demand for façade installation and its complexity, the team must be efficient in procurement, engineering, and execution processes apart from the designs. A team of façade consultants must understand specific requirements while executing the installation.
Façade consultants are crucial in a construction project as they have insights and are capable of bringing the right standards and quality. Earlier, developers did not tend to take interest in the quality of façade materials. However, the scenario has changed as façade consultants are there to ensure that every installation meets all the design requirements at a go. Moreover, they have to keep in touch with the management, key developers, and architects. In the past five to ten years, the façade industry has progressed a lot depending on the expertise of façade consultants in India.
The scope of their expertise lies in different verticals like designing the curtain wall, windows, glass engineering, façade lightings, skylights, canopy, cladding, glass engineering, railing, and more.
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A façade consultant’s job consists of the following stages:

  • Concept stage: A meeting is organized among architects, team consultants to bring affordable and feasible solutions. Studying the architecture’s drawing and sharing valuable input on performance and durability is the consultants’ primary job.
  • Concept design: Understanding the local legal guidelines and the requirements of different applications, consultants finalize the concept design.
  • Development of design: After gathering all the approvals from the client and the Architect, façade is installed finalizing the structural, thermal, and other performance parameters of a certain building.
Moreover, other legal checklists are to be considered via stages like document verification of tenders and contracts associated with a particular construction project.

How to choose the right facade consultant for your construction project?

There is no such academic qualification defined for a façade cladding consultant in India. Architects appoint consultants to help transform their design into a professionally engineered solution. Besides, the consultant’s job is to share vital information and suggestions regarding the entire facade installation. Eg  Size & MM of ACP is suggested by the facade consultant.
Facade installation requires a broad range of raw materials, technologies, and in-depth knowledge to address various demands for different applications. So, a single individual can't address all the issues together. An architect or a key developer needs to form a team of professionals that can be consulted in the case of facade installation. Therefore, a team of facade consultants only adds value to your project if they have extensive expertise, multi-field experience, and strategic minds.
To state the importance of facade consultants, it can be said that without their precious input, architect’s visions cannot be achieved. Go for the consultants who are aligned with the latest advancements on the field and bring you the best in the industry.