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Why Iconic Brands Are Choosing Viva's ACP Sheets For Elevating The Facade For Showrooms

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The installation of eye-catching displays in the storefront is always a simple yet impactful way that exhibit the company values and branding elements. Showrooms, the storefront of brands serve as the initial point of interaction between customers and products. As signage board is a key factor in retail branding for any showroom and in this ACP sheets as signboard material and facade material for interior & exterior have emerged as the preferred choice for a multitude of brands.

As with Viva, the signage category has always made a mark for iconic brands all over the world. By selecting the ACP panel design from Viva brands are refining their visual identity for retail. Let’s get into the blog to delve into the elevating corporate identity of brands with Viva ACP in various sectors such as Automobile, Oil and gas, Retail, Mobile, Banking, Developers, and Building Materials.

Viva ACP’s Partnership with Brands For Elevating Showrooms
We have associated with renowned brands in the Automobile Sector such as Kia Motors, Volkswagen, Skoda, Hyundai, Tata, MG Motors, Renault, and John Deer Tractors.

Oil and Gas Industry:
Viva ACP has collaborated with leading oil and gas companies to elevate the petrol pumps as part of their retail branding. We have collaborated with HPCL, BPCL, IOCL, Nayara Energy, and Shell.

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In Retail Space, we have collaborated with Reliance, Lenskart, Kalyan Jewellers, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Croma to beautify the showrooms and malls.

Mobile Industry:
With the ever-evolving demands of the mobile industry, leading brands like Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Apple, and Samsung rely on Viva Composite Panels.

Banking Sector:
Institutions such as SBI, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, and IndusInd Bank.

Developers and Builders:
Prominent developers like Lodha, K Raheja, M3M, Capital Land, Mahindra Lifespaces, Godrej, and Kalpataru have incorporated Viva Composite Panels into their projects.

Building Materials:
Ultratech Cement has incorporated Viva Composite Panel to elevate the commercial branding they have across the country.

Why Big Brands Are Choosing Viva ACP?
Aesthetic Excellence: Elevating Visual Appeal
When it comes to commercial spaces of leading brands, the first impression matters. ACP Sheet is a versatile building material which has revolutionised how we perceive the facades. The utilisation of ACP for exterior cladding, and redefining the signboards of the Showroom has played a critical role in gaging the eyeballs of target consumers and in this, Viva has emerged as the top choice.

Viva ACP boasts a product range of over 300+ shades, along with versatile ACP sheet design for exterior, interior and signages. For sleek and spectacular cladding and design, Solid Aluminium is preferred, while for abstract finishes Metal Abstract is the choice to go.

100% Customisation for Brand Consistency
When it comes to the installation of the facade in the showroom, it is important to understand the right shade and texture of brand identity as it is a business storefront and must be represented through aesthetics. With Viva, the brands get 100% customisation, which means from colours and panel thickness to textures, you get as per your requirements.

The Spectrophotometer technology helps us to match any shade in the world, and get the paint made at our paint-mixing unit, which is then taken to our high-tech colour-coating unit that has 3-bake technology ensuring the paint does not fade with time. At the colour coating unit, we make a batch of aluminium coils in the exact shade that matches the brand tones and then use the coil to manufacture ACP sheets allowing us to deliver the exact match of the brand shades.

Quality Testing
When it comes to commitment to quality Viva never fails. As the pioneer in the industry, we conform to industry standards when it comes to manufacturing ACP Sheets. For elevating the facade of the showroom with ACP design, the panels must qualify for durability test, weather resistant test, and heat resistant test and colour consistency testing. Apart from this, every panel undergoes a fire resistance test to ensure the sheets can retard fire during fire accidents. Major brands have chosen Viva’s ACP sheets because of its plethora of certificates that solidify the credibility of quality testing. Some of the renowned certificates are Thomas Bell Wright Institute’s Fire Safety Certificate, NFPA 285 and certification from IIT Delhi.

Manufacturing Capacity
With thousands of stores across the country to be remodelled, the lookout for brands while choosing an ACP sheet manufacturer for reinvigorating the ACP design for a showroom is incredible manufacturing capacity and fits the mark. Our 12 million sq. mt production capacity allows us to meet the demand of various projects under our brand name. With 18+ warehouses we can provide ACP sheets to even the remotest corner in India on time.

Durability with Style
ACP sheets are not just visually pleasing but equally functional. The panels protect the exterior of the construction from the wrath of rain, heat, UV radiation, and climatic and environmental conditions. The durability of the ACP sheet is essential for the longevity of the showroom’s aesthetic, and Viva represents that! The durability of Viva ACP panels is a standout feature that resonates with big brands. Constructed with a core of polyethylene sandwiched between two layers of aluminium, these panels are inherently resistant to corrosion, weathering, and physical impact.

The surge in big brands choosing Viva ACP panels can be attributed to a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, customization capabilities, ease of installation, versatility, and eco-friendly credentials. As these panels continue to redefine the architectural landscape for major players in various industries, Viva ACP stands as a testament to innovation, excellence, and a commitment to shaping iconic structures that leave an indelible mark on the world of design and construction. Want to know more about our latest projects and collaboration then click this link.