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Why is Zinc Composite Panel the Future of the Cladding Industry?

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Modern buildings can rarely be spotted without cladding or elevation. Vibrant shades, interesting combinations, and intriguing patterns, together make these high-rises a treat to the eyes. If you think aesthetics are the only reason why cladding materials are in demand, you are far from the truth.
Thanks to technology, new-age cladding materials offer much more than just decorative additions. From protecting the buildings' exteriors from weathering to adding thermal and acoustic insulation, these materials cover a wide range of functions.
Zinc composite panel is one of the popular cladding materials which are used for exterior and interior cladding. Viva offers such panels with distinctive aesthetic properties, great strength, and unmatchable quality to endure stress and impact.

The Advantages of Zinc Composite Panel

Aesthetics On Point

Contemporary cladding materials are known for their eye-catchy looks and aesthetic appearance. However, these panels take it one step ahead in terms of having an enticing look. A Zinc composite panel develops a natural cast over its surface when exposed to air (oxygen) for some time. This process is called a patination effect or patina and is an act of a protective mechanism.
Generally, the patina on ZCPs starts as a light gray color and gradually darkens over time, which is why they are highly sought after by architects and designers. However, not all zinc composite panels experience the same amount of patination. While some panels may develop more some may develop less, and all that depends on several factors. The level of exposure to air and moisture, and the presence of pollutants in the environment are some of them.

The Durability Quotient

Building exteriors are prone to fluctuating weather conditions, direct heat, moisture, and even impact. With years of observation and trying out other conventional materials, builders, and architects have stepped up to modern materials. Hence, for high-rise building claddings it is a must to be long-lasting and durable.
Zinc composite panels are designed to be extremely compatible in adverse weather conditions. With two sheets of Zinc bonded to a thermoplastic core, gives these panels unmatchable strength as compared to other materials. Additionally, Zinc is resistant to rusting and corrosion, which further adds to the list of benefits.
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Sustainable and Environment-friendly

Construction generates a significant amount of carbon footprint. However, simply choosing the right kind of material can make a huge difference to the environment as well as the living conditions. Zinc composite panels are one of the most sustainable building materials that can significantly reduce the impact on nature.
It is because Zinc is an extremely sustainable and environment friendly material. Besides being 100% recyclable, the production process of ZCPs uses much less energy than many other metals, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Yes, Zinc can be reused several times without losing its value.

Fire-resistance Capability

Ensuring fire safety is key to the design and functionality of buildings in recent times. It became imperative to design materials that are non-combustible. And zinc composite panels perfectly match the requirements! Firstly, Zinc is a non-combustible material, which reduces the chances of catching fire as well as spreading it.
Secondly, zinc composite panels are available fire-retardant variants which give them the ultimate power of being immune to fires. The panels can be customized with FR-grade core materials which not only reduces the chances of catching fire but also delays the spread for up to two hours. This is why many builders go for these panels since they are a safer choice for buildings that may have a higher fire risk.

Self-healing Properties

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects building owners consider before they install wall claddings. In terms of maintenance, zinc composite panels do a majority part of the maintenance process by themselves.
With self-healing properties, ZCPs stand out from other cladding materials. The patination effect that we mentioned earlier also serves as a layer of protection for these panels. Zinc composite panels can actually ‘heal’ any form of scratches and damage on the surface — thereby keeping the panel's health intact.


Together with an eccentric appearance and unmatched durability, zinc composite panels are already being lauded in the construction industry. As the largest manufacturer of Metal composite panels, we at Viva, offer superior-quality zinc composite panels which are exceptionally sturdy and aesthetic. We have the highest number of shades for these panels that can be customised with fire-retardant cores that perfectly suit the needs of the modern cladding industry.
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