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    Why Wooden ACP Sheets Are Better Than Timber For Your Projects

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    Why Wooden ACP Sheets Are Better Than Timber For Your Projects

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    ACP has revolutionized the way modern building facades look. In the face of urban development in every way, VIVA Aluminium Composite Panels are a class apart in terms of quality and convenience. In order to stand out among the crowd, in the busy commercial streets of your city, having a striking façade is extremely important. Retail spaces of today are constantly looking into doing something amusing and different that grabs the attention of shoppers instantly. Those who are in the environment-friendly, nature-related business would love the look of wood and timber houses, as it would go very well with the ethos of the brand. If you are looking into having a wooden exterior or cladding, here’s every reason why you should backtrack and head over to the nearest VIVA store:

    Weather Resistance

    Wood is not the best at resisting to all types of weather. With the rains and atmospheric moisture content come the rotting and damage caused by fungus and mould. Even if you are using it simply as a signboard, you may face these issues. Why deal with all the hassle? Go with Viva Aluminium Composite Sheets instead and you’ll get the dual benefits of a natural wood look with the convenience of ACP composites!

    The Looks Mans All

    When it comes to natural wood you may be limited with choice and grain size. Moreover, contemporary spaces look for an old and weathered look on wood that is not ideal if you choose actual old and weathered wood. With Viva ACP, you get an unlimited choice in the finish of the grain, textures, colours, grunge overlays and more. You can even customise the same. You can also go for a combination of two wood textures, to really make a mark. Viva ACP sheets are available in 3mm to 6mm thickness

    Strength and Durability

    Even though Aluminium Panels is more lightweight than natural wood, it is more sturdy and durable. Moreover, Viva ACP sheets are scratch-resistant and are capable of resisting wind loads at high-rise buildings. So with Viva ACP, your brand can climb to the uber-space of top floors in commercial buildings and still have wooden signage without any hassle!


    If you are using wood in the interior or exterior spaces with high sensitivity, which is usually the norm in tech parks and villages, you cannot choose wood as it is a deterrent in terms of fire safety. However, if you go with VIVA sandwiched panel, you are guaranteed a fire safety rating of B1, A2, and A2+ certified by Thomas Bell Wright.

    Economy and Convenience

    Needless to say, good quality wood and timber are exorbitantly priced. If you want to go with a special finish, grains and textures the cost can really mount high. With Viva Aluminium Composite Panel, you can choose any type of wood texture you like without having to worry about the cost.  Moreover, Aluminium Composite Panels are much easier to install and are extremely reliable in terms of cleaning and maintenance for several years.

    When it comes to choosing between natural wood and ACP sheets, Viva ACP is the clear winner. The Viva team is always looking for new ways to incorporate modern and sophisticated wood textures to our catalogue. Our extensive wooden series, wooden textures, premium wooden series and natural wood series covers the latest trends in contemporary design.