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Capturing The Essence Of Abstract Beauty – Viva Metal Abstract Series

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At Viva, we are so very proud to introduce you to our much-celebrated ACP Series, namely the Metal Abstract Series. The Viva Metal Abstract Series boasts nine superstar ACP shades that timelessly capture the essence of abstalum,ract beauty. Featuring rustic, earthy hues mostly in green, orange, ochre, and brown, our Metal Abstract Series of ACP will be your first choice when it comes to revamping your living spaces. Be it a quick interior space installation for a feature wall or a beautiful facade to make your architectural projects stand out; the Viva Metal Abstract Series of ACPs can ace it all.
Where did the inspiration come from, you ask? Well, we have taken inspiration from our Motherland India and its diverse geographic beauty. We have then merged it with global concepts of modern colour patterns to bring you a stunning series of Aluminium Composite Panels. The bright oranges, ochres, yellows, and browns found in these Viva ACP sheets are our rendition of the colourful soil of our country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we have taken inspiration from the different soil beds - its textures, its colours, and most importantly, its ageless beauty. We have also included silver-toned, brown-toned, and green-toned surface detailing to reflect the vast geography of our Indian subcontinent, which is filled with glorious beds of minerals, precious metals, and ores. Hence the name Metal Abstract - the essence of abstract beauty enriched with the industrial spirit and the toughness of metal.

Let's get introduced to the nine shades that we have curated for Viva's Metal Abstract Series of ACPs-

Corten Steel ACP

VA-8014 Corten Steel 1

Viva Metal Abstract Series of ACPs in the shade VA-8014 Corten Steel1 had its inspiration from weathered steel, often also known as COR-TEN steel. A group of steel alloys, COR-TEN steel, is purposefully weathered and rusted for an astable rusted appearance to capture the bright orange hues of rusted steel surfaces. It is very expensive and creates unpredictable colours all over the surface if not handled or maintained carefully. As a solution to this problem, we have introduced shade VA-8014 Corten Steel 1. The shade is a playful narrative of orange and brown with irregular brown spotting to mimic the look of a rusted surface. This shade works best for exterior applications.

VA-8016 Corten Steel 2

The shade VA-8016 Corten Steel 2 also has its initial inspiration in COR-TEN steel, but this time we have made it more regular in appearance. It lacks the irregular pattern of lightly rusted COR-TEN steel and instead carries a look of more predictable patterns to mimic heavily rusted surfaces.
If you are looking forward to injecting a bit of modern art into your exterior and interior spaces, then this shade will be perfect for you.

VA-8015 Patina

Patina is a film that covers Copper surfaces when it comes in contact with the atmosphere, filled with active gas and mineral exposure. For the shade VA-8015 Patina, we have tried to capture the exact look and feel of Copper Patina, minus the expense and cumbersome maintenance. This shade of ACP channels the greenish hue of Copper Patinatorevamp your spaces with a royal touch. The colours most prominent in this shade are brown and a Patina-mimicking green.

VA-8007 Cosmic Chill

Our Metal Abstract Series of ACPs in the shade VA-8007 Cosmic Chill is a wonderful reflection of the earthy brown tones. With a tad bit of a touch of yellow and light and dark brown, this shade is excellent for refurbishing old buildings, both in terms of exterior facades or interior feature walls.

VA-8005 Brown Agate Metal

A melody of greenish-yellow and brown, shade VA-8005 Brown Agate Metal from Viva's Metal Abstract Series of ACPs will leave you mesmerized.

VA-8002 Nautica Black

Thes hade VA-8002 Nautica Black is an artist's dream! It mimics deep blackish textures on a Patina surface and will help you instill the right amount of luxury in your designer spaces.

VA-8001 Silver Ash

It sounds silver, but it is not! That's the beauty of shade VA-8001 Silver Ash. A dark colour fantasy involving black and deeper shades of brown and ochre, this shade remains a top-selling ACP for Viva's Metal Abstract Series.

VA-8012 Strom Swirl

A storm is coming your way to help you take your living spaces to a top-notch realm of artistic beauty! Viva's Metal Abstract Series of ACP sheets in the shade VA-8012 Strom Swirlis precisely that and so much more! A mish-mash of yellow, orange and brown, this rustic shade of ACP will do full justice to any space.

VA-8011 Silver Star

A very industrial narration of abstract art, Viva's Metal Abstract Series of ACP sheets in the shade VA-8011 Silver Star is a gun met all over's a silver lining! The shade's epic play on silver, gunmetal, and black hues to bring together a piece of art are both so satisfying and commendable. The shade works best as feature walls, although it can also make your exterior spaces come alive.
Our Viva Metal Abstract Series of ACPs come with so many benefits that you will be stunned. Yes, it is lightweight due to the Hindalco Aluminium sheets that we use to make these composite panels. Yes, it is non-toxic, thanks to the Lead-free paints and pigments that we use to beautify the ACP sheets. Our Metal Abstract Series also offers unique bendability to do full justice to unique building shapes and surfaces. You can also opt for Fire-retardant grade with our Metal Abstract Series of ACPs to ensure safety against deadly fire incidents. Moreover, we can customize Viva's Metal Abstract Series of ACPs with our special anti-bacterial features so that you can have the germ-free confidence that you truly deserve! You also get a 15 years warranty from Viva ACPs once you choose to spruce up your interior or exterior spaces with the all-new Metal Abstract Aluminium Composite Panels.
Want to know more about the Viva Metal Abstract Series of ACP sheets? Simply visit our website or give us a call on our toll-free number 1800313 3770.