Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - VIVA ACP

Joined the battle against Cancer

At Viva, supporting Cancer patients is something for which we truly stand for. The financial costs associated with cancer are often overwhelming. Even having health insurance doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to afford the treatment. We provide financial assistance, hospital aid, infrastructure support to as many cancer patients as possible. We firmly believe that it is an honour for having the opportunity of helping cancer fighters and survivors. We believe that these fighters and survivors are a source of bravery and courage. The inner strength they hold is amazing. They are the ones who inspire us every day.


Protecting the Earth for future generations

It is needless to mention that running an environmentally friendly organization helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves precious natural resources. Eco-friendly initiatives prove to be boon for the environment and also prevent human health from deteriorating. At Viva, we practice eco-friendly initiatives. Our production facility at Umbergaon is equipped with solar panels which powers the production systems for up to 2 hours each day. We produce 850Kwh of power with the help of our solar panels. Viva is the only ACP sheet manufacturer in India to be equipped with solar panels as a means of green energy in its factory. We also make use of rainwater harvesting systems to water our factory gardens. Over the years, our team has also been part of numerous sapling plantation drives.

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Corporate Social Responsibility - VIVA ACP

Fighting starvation, saving humanity

The Government of India had taken a strict combat measure in 2020 by directing a lockdown of the entire nation. At this great hour of need, to ensure no one sleeps hungry during the Covid-19 lockdown we served fresh and nutritious food to the underprivileged and needy. Each meal was a nutritional platter comprising healthy staples like rice, daal, vegetables, etc.