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Mirage Fluted Series: Elevating Spaces Through Light & Shadow

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In the ever-evolving tapestry of architectural design, where innovation is intertwined with tradition and creativity meets functionality, there lies our newest addition. Prepare to step into the realm where design transcends dimensions- introducing the “Mirage Fluted Series”.
From the House of Viva, we present the ACP sheet series which is an odyssey of endless design possibilities and upholds the promise to reshape your surroundings.
Mirage Fluted Series is our fresh and exciting collection which is all about creating surfaces that have a unique texture- like the grooves running vertically. These sheets have a tactile allure of fluted surfaces, leading to the interplay of light and shadow. This series draws inspiration from pages of history, so let’s dive into the blog to know what Mirage Fluted Series is all about.

A Journey Of Evolution In Design

As the infrastructure landscape continues to evolve, architectural design trends undergo a remarkable transition. This change is not limited to material or design, but it delves deeper into the pages of history and uncovers gems that remain relevant today. Drawing inspiration from the time-honoured elegance of the past, we have breathed life into a new ACP sheet design series—an archaic design in modern material.
The Fluted Series is an inspiration from Greek Architecture. The tactile allure of the sheets is just like Fluting, which used to be a signature style in Roman and Greek Architecture to give the illusion of slimming of pillars. Derived from the vault of archaic architecture, it is the design trend that is currently enjoying a Renaissance period.

Embracing The Fluted Essence

Fluting entails a series of concave shapes that run vertically along the surface, creating shallow grooves and ridges across it, thereby creating a mesmerising interplay of light and shadow. Much like the fluted columns that utilized this technique to impart a sense of increased slenderness and elegance to the column, our ACP Fluted Series encapsulates history within a modern material, representing a fusion of functionality and style.
With ACP facades gaining popularity in contemporary buildings, the Fluted Series becomes a valuable means of introducing texture and 3D shape to exterior facades. The design of the grooved ACP exudes charm, character, and a sense of wholesomeness. In an era where "less is more" prevails, this design trend is here to stay, continually inspiring the aesthetics of the future.
The Stripped 3D Panels evoke a sense of movement and grace in the sheets. This ACP Sheet series adds a traditional touch to the modern construction material creating a timeless aesthetic that transcends eras.

How Fluted Series Is Hitting The Right Notes With Its Features

Shades To Charm The Viewers

The series comes in a range of shades that add elegance and grandeur to the exterior. Whether you want to adorn commercial spaces such as offices, corporate headquarters, residential complexes, or industries, the fluted series with its muted tones adapts to the vision and elevates the appeal of any structure. The shades include VA 6501- Quill white, VA-6502- Ash Silver, VA 6503- Carbon Grey, VA 6504- Sorrell Brown, VA 6505- Copper, VA-6506- Gold.

Multiple Thickness Option

The Mirage Fluted Series comes in multiple thickness options, such as 3mm and 4mm. The core thickness, top skin thickness, and bottom layer thickness differ from one panel to another. The 3mm panel has a 2.5mm core, 0.25mm top skin, and 0.25mm bottom skin, while *4mm has a 3.0mm core, and 0.50mm (7 stars) top and bottom coil thickness. The 4mm ACP Sheets have a 3.5mm core thickness, while the top and bottom coil thickness is 0.25mm.

FR Resistant Grade

Safety is paramount in any commercial or residential project, and Viva’s Fluted series ensures that. The core is made of FR grade material and is available in Aluminium Corrugated Core (FR A2+), and fire retardant mineral core (FR Class A2, FR Class B1), ensuring they have longer fire penetration period and do not produce molten droplets when burnt.

Durability And Strength

VIVA ACP sheets boast remarkable durability and quality that ensures the Fluted Series stands the test of time. ACP sheets used in this series are composed of two aluminium layers sandwiched around a core material, such as polyethylene, or thermoplastic. Which gives ACP sheets incredible strength and structural integrity. It can withstand environmental factors, resistant to impact, mechanical loads, and extreme weather conditions. Its features retain its beauty for years that makes it a reliable choice for exterior.

Versatility In Application

The Fluted series consists of an amalgamation of dark and light shades in a horizontal pattern, making it one of the compelling aspects of this series. Whether replicating hues of natural material such as wood, or showcasing vibrant tones, the Fluted series offers an array of options.
The series is the definition of elegance wrapped in modern material that allows it to be used in a range of spaces. Although in the past fluted design was only seen in columns, today it can be added as exterior paneling, statement walls, ceilings, partitions, and even as laminate on furniture. Being flexible and easy to customise the material, ACP sheet allows designers and architects to channel their creative ideas to use patterns of fluted and reeds.

Application of Fluted Series in Architecture

Exteriors That Leave A Lasting Impression

When applied to building facades, the fluting series adds a layer of sophistication. The ridges and grooves create a textured surface leading to an intriguing visual effect, hence making the spaces stand out in terms of design.

Furniture and Décor Elevated

The Fluted Series isn't just limited to walls and facades; it extends its charm to furniture and décor. From tables that carry a touch of artistic history to cupboards that redefine storage, these pieces stand as timeless relics that transcend eras. Even in modern modular kitchens, the Fluted Series lends a touch of grace that's both classic and contemporary, transforming functional spaces into visual delights.

Viva ACP- Elevating Architectural Aesthetics

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Pushing the possibilities of ACP sheet solutions through our consistent efforts from our manufacturing facility. 3 Colour coating ACP lines in the premise of our manufacturing facility, along with testing labs, allows us to be visionaries in this industry, testing lab assures no product is launched without passing through our stringent test procedure.
Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these panels exude the features and characteristics of ACP sheets. The Fluted Series by Viva Stands out as a masterpiece in the future of facades as it seamlessly blends archaic design with modern ACP solution. With this series, Viva has elevated the architectural aesthetic to new heights, hence inspiring a fresh wave of creativity and awe-inspiring designs.
What makes the Fluted Series truly exciting is its versatility. It's not just about replicating the past; it's about reimagining design. The amalgamation of dark and light shades in a horizontal pattern offers a canvas for architects and designers to explore their creativity. Whether it's replicating the warmth of natural materials or introducing vibrant tones, the Fluted Series empowers designers to let their imaginations run wild.