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Ensure Better Moisture Management in Commercial Buildings with Viva’s Rainscreen Systems

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Dampness and wetness in building interiors do not reflect ideal living or occupancy conditions. However, that is often a common scene in buildings in tropical regions. So, how does dampness get through, and is there a way to keep it out?
Improper moisture management is the reason why building exteriors can absorb water and moisture. The good news is, there are effective ways to keep moisture from penetrating the walls! Rainscreen cladding systems have time and again proven their advantage as an effective moisture management solution.

What Exactly is a Rainscreen System?

Also referred to as a “stylish raincoat” by many, rainscreen systems were previously simply considered exterior facades. However, with time, they have become more complex and have had more additions to the system. They are designed to create pressure-equalized as well as dedicated ventilated systems on building exteriors. 
Viva's rainscreen systems are an effective solution for managing moisture, particularly in commercial buildings. These rainscreen cladding systems act as a support mechanism by enveloping a building’s primary moisture barrier. The system aims to limit the exposure of moisture with the wall assembly. Our rainscreen system essentially fights against capillary action, surface tension, kinetic energy, pressure gradients, and gravity.

Why Consider Viva’s Rainscreen Cladding Systems?

Low in Maintenance

Contrary to the common perception, our rainscreen cladding systems serve the ease of maintenance. Designed to protect building exteriors from environmental factors, these mechanisms virtually require zero maintenance. All you have to do is choose the right cladding material. Aluminium composite panels fit perfectly as the material for building facades since they are weather-resistant besides being low-maintenance. Besides, a rear-ventilated cavity in the system keeps the building free from moisture. 

Better Energy-efficiency

Our rainscreen cladding systems significantly improve the airflow and the ventilation system. Implementing the principle of the chimney effect, a natural convection process takes place inside the air cavity. This allows the warm air to rise up and exit, while the cavity gets filled with cooler air. In winter, since the air is colder and denser, there is no movement in the cavity, and the warmth inside the building is retained. This helps improve energy efficiency, and lower utility bills.  

Aesthetic Appeal

The function of Viva’s rainscreen cladding systems is not limited to shielding building exteriors from moisture. In addition to the excellent protective mechanisms, these systems are designed to give a makeover to building exteriors. Thanks to the exceptional cladding options to choose from, installing Viva’s rainscreen system can instantly modernise a building’s appearance. We offer distinctive designs that appear to be gravity-defying, canopy-like, or perhaps a parabolic curve — we make sure our designs are striking and eye-catching.

Cost-effective Solutions

Installing a rainscreen system does not have to be expensive. At Viva, we offer a range of materials and finishes for these systems. We offer a diverse range of cost-effective solutions to choose from. Besides these systems can significantly bring down the energy costs of a building.


Incorporating Viva's rainscreen cladding systems into a building's design means ensuring better moisture management and protection against mould, rot, and corrosion. The system allows for moisture to escape through a ventilation cavity, preventing it from penetrating the interior of the building and causing damage.
Viva's rainscreen systems also offer high customisability. Additionally, they can be installed on both brand-new buildings as well as on refurbishments. These systems do not contain silicon, which means the appearance will be clean and consistent since they do not get affected by weather conditions. Viva's rainscreen systems are designed with sustainability in mind, using environmentally friendly materials and promoting energy efficiency.
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