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Flexibility in Design with Metal Composite Panels

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Whether the walls, beams, or windows, most architectural elements are designed in orthogonal shapes. But, modern design is being flexible in thoughts and the same is reflected in creation. In that sense, the curved, free-flowing surface is unmatched, which explains why they are coming back to the modern design trend. One of the architects of the 20th century known as the Queen of Curves is Zaha Hadid, and she has shown the power of metal composite panels in architecture.

Metal composite panels consist of thin thermoplastic cores along with metal sheets which are malleable and easy to shape in any form. Designers are free to create new designs based on imagination, as metal composite has inherent design flexibility.

Metal Composite Panel in Viva includes Zinc Composite Panel,  Aluminium Composite Panel &  Honeycomb Panel. These panels are highly flexible and can be fabricated in shape or size as per requirement. If you are planning to create innovative designs, a metal composite panel gives you the freedom to do so.

Metal Composite Panels Design

Here are a few ways that give flexibility in design with Metal Composite Panels

Design Aesthetic

The buildings which are seeking a long-term solution for elevating the exteriors insist on using metal composite panels like aluminium composite panels or ZCP panels as they curb appeal and exceptional performance. For instance, Aluminium Composite Panels or zinc composite panels can resist corrosion naturally.

With help of modern technology, we create custom designs so builders can design to varied choices. From making perforated panels, and louvers to textured panels, metal panels can be shaped in any form to elevate the aesthetics.

Possibility of Design with Curves

From flowing curves to precision fitness, it is easy to shape the metal and install it. The process is economical and easy to achieve finesse and accuracy in design. Aluminium panel sheet, ZCP, and Honeycomb panel allows for building a wide range of style which people will endure. The flat panels are 90 degrees bendable, with the help of a manual router, automatic CNC router, and manual grooving, the panels are shaped in a different arch to be utilized in roofing or structuring the exteriors of a building.

The low or steep slope in building construction creates intervention in the entering of heat or cold in the interiors. The metal composite panels are highly durable and the PVDF/FEVE coatings protect the panel from damage which helps in getting high performance from the panel. Steep slope roof help in accelerating the water run-off and prevent the settlement of debris on the roof.

Innovative Geometrics

One of the benefits of the composite panel is it's easy to mold into complex designs. Intricate shapes or designs on the panel are easy to contour without the requirement of high-pressure tools.

CNC cut technology helps in creating pre-made perforated panels which have a jali design for the consumer which are useful for a wide range of designs. The perforated panels are useful in creating partitions inside interiors, useful in creating boundaries in the balcony, or just adding to bring ventilation in enclosed spaces.


Viva composite panel provides flexibility in design with its high-quality panels. By procuring raw materials 3003/3105/5000 series of aluminium from Hindalco, Zinc from VM Zinc ensures the end product has premium quality.

The panels are available in a range of hues, textures, and thickness that helps in the formation of shapes and sizes for exterior cladding, interior façade, partition, and signage.

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