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From The House of VIVA - Manufacturing Unit, Umbergaon

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Increase your efficiency, creativity, and sustainability with our Aluminum Composite Panel production line. VIVA is proud to offer the most advanced and high-quality ACP (aluminium composite panel) production line. ACP sheets are made with extraordinary care in the VIVA Manufacturing Unit to ensure that the goods are provided with quality and efficiency. To create highly efficient ACP sheets, our manufacturing plant is infused with modern manufacturing procedures that meet international standards.
With over 2 decades of competence in supplying & manufacturing ACP sheets and 7 million of capacity per annum, VIVA has 500+ customer service touchpoints, 7 State-of-art production lines and an array of colours. It has 300+ shades that can further be customized. An ISO and CE Certified Manufacture, and Supplier of ACP Sheets, the ACP sheets from the house of VIVA comes with 10-30 years of warranty and can be classified into three Fire Retardant grade - A2+, A2, and B1.
VIVA is India's largest manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panel, with a production facility that spans 12 acres and is equipped with six-sigma safety measures and solar power generators for uninterrupted production. The solar power generators generate 850 kwh of energy, resulting in smooth production of ACP sheets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We have four ACP production lines, each capable of producing both FR and non-FR ACP with a width of up to 1670mm. The FR Class B ACP manufacturing line is made up of 70% mineral and 30% recycled polyethylene core. The FR Class A2 and A2+ ACP manufacturing lines, on the other hand, use 90% mineral and 10% polyethylene recycled core. VIVA is the first company to provide FR Class A2+ ACCP (Aluminium Core Corrugated Panel), which is composed entirely of aluminium and contains no polyethylene. It has a honeycomb core that not only minimises the intensity and speed of flame propagation but also reduces the loss of life and property. The ACCPs do not actively participate in combustion, therefore they do not generate toxic gases in the event of a fire.  Also with the unique feature of A2+, it can withstand high temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
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VIVA was the first company in the ACP industry to have two color coating lines. Line 1 features a 4ft coating line that includes in-house pre-treatment and colour coating in one operation. Line 2 features a 5ft. colour coating line, the first of its kind in India, that can coat up to 1670mm and has a three-coat, two-bake system. Our PVDF Paint mixing facility is one of the best in India, with 70% Kynar 500 certified PVDF paint that meets ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN (European Nation) standards.
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Reasons we don’t have shade Variations:

    • Two State-Of-Art Coating Lines - With two state-of-the-art coating lines, we can coat all coils in-house.
    • Easy to Trace- Each sheet produced at our facility is labelled with the batch number, production date, time, and a few other characteristics that allow for total traceability.
    • Complete Information On Shades - Our two in-house Start-of-Art coating facilities give comprehensive data on shade formulation for all projects, eliminating the possibility of shade fluctuation.
    • Latest Technology - India’s first 5ft Coating Line for coil colour coating ensures international quality material.
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Being the largest manufacturer of ACP in India our latest Innovation includes:

  • Fire Retardant A2+ ACCP
  • Anti-Scratch ACP
  • Anti-Bacterial ACP
  • Self-cleaning ACP
  • Honeycomb Panel
To know more about VIVA ACP Sheets, log on to or write us at You can also book a consultation call with our experts, call us on our toll-free number 1800 313 3770.