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    How To Achieve Fire-Resistance Ratings For Your Building By Choosing The Right Panels?

    Fire-Resistance Panel For Home | Fire Retardant ACP | ACP Panel

    How To Achieve Fire-Resistance Ratings For Your Building By Choosing The Right Panels?

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    “Better safer than sorry”, the age-old adage rightly goes when it comes to prevention from fire. Fire accidents not only cause financial loss but also loss of property and life.
    All buildings are vulnerable to a fire breakout, and although one cannot prevent them from catching fire, increasing a building’s fire-resistance rating can increase the chances of survival and help in easier evacuation. Today, to make building fires safe, it is important to have certain fire safety measures in place, such as sprinkler systems and smoke alarms, however, these measures can sometimes fail.

    So, What Can We Do?

    As we cannot live in a utopian world, where there is zero chance of fire. As fire hazard is real, our focus must be on fire safety. Concrete, gypsum board, fiberglass, melamine, and brick are some fire-resistant materials, which prevents fire accidents. Among them, another material that has lately become popular, especially in high-rise buildings, is an FR-grade aluminium composite panel, also known as a fire-retardant panel.

    Make Your Home Fire-Safe

    The choice for selection of the right ACP Panel begins with selecting the right ACP grade, which is non-combustible and increases fire-spreading time.

    Fire-Resistance Panel For Home | Fire Retardant ACP | ACP Panel

    Types of FR Grade Panel


    A2+ Grade

    A2+ Grade refers to being non-combustible and can resist fire from spreading. At Viva, our A2-rated ACCP panel (Aluminium corrugated composite panel), has a honeycomb core made of aluminium, hence it does not melt or produce smoke during a fire breakout.

    FR Class B

    FR class B are known to have adequate fire-resistant capabilities. The FR grade panels consist of 70% mineral core and 30% polyethylene recycled core. The mineral core is made of Magnesium Hydroxide, and Aluminium Trihydroxide, which not only prevents it from catching fire but also these components are halogen free and inorganic.

    FR Class A2

    FR class A2 contains 90% mineral and 10% polyethylene recycled core. A2 panel with 100-micron PVDF powder coating, making it highly non-combustible.

    Benefit Of Fire-Resistant Panels

    Highly Durable

    The panels are made from a specific aluminum alloy that has been treated with a special coating to make it more resistant to fire. This means that they will not warp, crack, or otherwise become damaged when exposed to high temperatures. As a result, they can provide reliable protection for many years to come.

    No Molten Droplets

    Fire retardant panel either have a minimal amount of polyethylene core or does not contain a thermoplastic core, this prevents from formation of molten droplets which mostly contributes to panic among residents.

    Doesn’t Disintegrate From The Facade

    So, when water is sprayed with a hose, on a burning facade, it doesn’t disintegrate and fall, causing damage to residents and evacuation professionals. The facade is made with high-quality premium resin with 100-micron adhesive film between the panels, which doesn’t allow it to disintegrate due to fire.

    Doesn’t Produce Toxic Gases

    Do you know more people die due to smoke than fire? Fire causes asphyxiation, which blocks oxygen to enter the body, causing death. To curb this, an aluminium panel sheet is the right solution, as the FR-rated panels do not produce toxic smoke.


    Viva’s fire-retardant panel can protect residents and valuable lives and properties from a great deal of harm and prevent death from asphyxiation. Viva’s FR-grade panels are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultant and accredited with NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929, and ASTM E84. It delays fire spreading for 2 hours, giving plenty of time to evacuate and stop the fire.
    Hence, choosing right fire-retardant grade, one can increase fire-resisting ability, which helps in getting non-combustible fire rating.