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More than 50 years ago, aluminium became a popular material for facades, giving birth to aluminium composite material, this product category evolved into metal composite material, reflecting the use of metal skins such as Zinc and Copper. Today, metal composite panels represent the future of construction, providing a winning combination of strength, style and sustainability.
In this blog, we will explore the significance of metal composite panels in modern construction and how Viva, a leader in the field, is at the forefront with its range of metal composite panels, including aluminium composite panels, copper composite panels, and zinc composite panels.

What are Metal Composite Panels?

Metal Composite Panels (MCP) are new-age construction material that consists of thin sheets of metal compressed with a non-metal core or mineral-filled core. Metal like aluminium, copper, and Zinc are highly malleable, and ductile and come with a plethora of advantages that make them the ideal choice for metal composite panels. At Viva, we have Aluminium Composite panels, Copper Aluminium panels (sheets), Zinc Composite Panels, and Aluminium Honeycomb panels.

Benefits of Metal Composite Panel

These flat panels have a lot to offer when it comes to the construction of modern architecture. Let’s understand what makes metal composite panels the choice of modern architecture.

Metal Composite Panel is Highly Versatile

One of the prominent reasons for the popularity of metal composite panels is their aesthetics. The high-tech material provides a modern touch to the facade, and due to its highly customisable feature encourages architects and designers to be imaginative. Not only that, with Metal composite panels (MCP), you can get alternative textures, and appearances which elevate the spectrum of facading possibilities.


Although design aesthetics is one reason behind its increasing popularity, affordability is another. Earlier metal composite panels were only used in high-end projects, such as in Zaha Hadid’s architecture. But with time, advancement of technology, improved fabricators' efficiency, and advanced facade installation systems, metal composite panels have become more cost-competitive than ever. As a result, metal composite panels are increasingly being installed in residential projects, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and many other commercial identities such as corporate buildings, airports, and government buildings.


Metal Composite panels are resistant to changes in environmental damage such as rain, water, or humidity. Other than that, these panels are manufactured in accordance with industry standards that make them chip and scratch-resistant. These panels often retain their lustre for decades, such as Aluminium Composite panel has up to 30 years of warranty ensuring that the building maintains its aesthetic appearance which eventually helps in increasing the property value for the long term.


One of the striking features of metal composite panels is they put a lot of emphasis on sustainability in modern construction. Metal composite panels such as ACP cladding, Zinc Cladding, and Copper Cladding are green alternatives. They are recyclable, and panels like zinc cladding, in which we at Viva provide a lifetime warranty while copper can last decades when exposed to changing climate, and weather conditions. This reduces the environmental impact of construction.


Metal is known to be ductile. Composite panels made of metal such as Zinc, Copper, and aluminium for cladding are highly flexible. The panels are 90 degrees bendable and can be shaped with a manual or automatic CNC cut router, allowing designers and architects to experiment with shapes, and sizes of the MCP sheets.

Viva: A leader in Metal Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panel

The  Aluminium Composite Panel consists of Aluminium as the top and bottom layer, while the composite panel is sandwiched between them together. The aluminium used in the manufacturing of ACP panels is pre-treated with tough and stable Kynar 500 PVDF resin, which keeps the shine of the panel intact for years. The overall thickness of these panels ranges from 3-6mm, which can be used in interior and exterior applications for industrial, residential and commercial purposes. Some of the popular ACP design series for facades include Mirage Fluted Series, Alzinc, Tarnish Metallum, Lustre, Desert, Classic Spakle, Elemento, Wooden, Solid & Metallic, etc.


  • Upto 30 years of warranty
  • 90-degree bendability
  • Available in LDPE core, FR core, and mineral-filled core

Zinc Composite Panel

The zinc composite panel consists of Zinc as the top and bottom layer with the thermoplastic core. Zinc is known to be a “self-healing “ metal, which means it does not succumb to corrosion when exposed to the environment, by creating a layer of Zinc Carbonate or Patina. We have 2 ranges of Zinc series one is Alkimi, and another is Rainbow. The Alkimi range consists of shades such as Graphite, Slate, Natural, Crystal, etc. In the Rainbow Series, we have more attractive and warm tones that consist of shades such as Red, Green, Black, Gold, and Brown. Our alliance with ElZinc, one of the premier international producers and suppliers of Zinc, has led to bringing premier quality Zinc Composite Panels. Zinc Cladding is mainly used in roofing, facade, and interior decorations.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured with Titanium Zinc (COMO Certified, RUV4 Certified)
  • Resistant to rust

Phases (Copper Aluminium Sheet)

One of the latest additions to Viva’s product vault is Phases, a composite material made of Copper and aluminium, also known as Copper Aluminium Sheet. Copper has a natural propensity to age gracefully, evolving through distinct phases of time. From initial bronze reflective shade to weathered green, Copper adds a distinctive charm in every phase of ageing. In this facade material, the upper layer consists of copper, while below it contains an aluminium coil sheet. This is designed for both exterior and interior applications, column cladding, and retail branding.


  • Low maintenance
  • Fire Retardant with FR A1 Grade Safety
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly recyclable
  • Anti-bacterial

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

Honeycomb Panels - Viva ACP
Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is a material that consists of thin sheets of aluminium alloy AA3003/AA3105/ AA5005 / as the top and bottom skin with a honeycomb grid as the core made of aluminium alloy of thickness 12 mm and 25mm. Honeycomb is a a design derived from a honeycomb that honeybees create to store honey, This unique structure provides incredible strength and structural support to a construction.


  • Fire retardant with fire rating FR A2+
  • Lightweight
  • 100% Recyclable

The Future of Metal Composite Panels

The future of construction is rapidly evolving, from design to material, architects around the world are experimenting more, and in that metal composite panels are poised to play a significant role in the future. On the way forward, Viva's commitment to innovation and quality ensures to be at the forefront of this industry. In conclusion, metal composite panels represent the future of construction, providing a winning combination of strength, style, and sustainability. With  Viva's range of metal composite panels, including aluminium, copper, and zinc, the possibilities are endless for creating iconic, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing structures. As the world of construction continues to embrace these innovative materials, we can expect to witness remarkable and sustainable architectural transformations.