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Some Must-Know Applications Of VIVA's Wooden ACP Panels

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It is a heart-wrenching sight to see unsustainable sources of wood chopped down mercilessly, leaving bare patches that rarely grow back to their former glory unless carefully treated.

Aggressive deforestation has irrefutably threatened the equilibrium of the biosphere, contributed to carbon sequestration, and heightened the concern over global warming in the nation.

So you're saying we should give up our love for wooden-finished decor? You may ask. Definitely not!

What if we say VIVA aluminium composite panels in the timber series replicate wood but do not originate from trees? Sounds too good to be true, right?

VIVA wood-finished ACP Sheets

Our ACP sheets closely emulate the grain pattern, tone, texture, and surface finish of tree bark. The only difference is that they are made of recyclable alloy aluminium coils and are painted with lead-free and VOC-free PVDF paints with in-house colour coating lines (CCL). What's more, VIVA's Wooden ACP panels come in a myriad of finishes, including Cedar, Oak, Walnut, Ebony, Teak, Cherry, Mahogany, and more.

In light of that, we shall now look at the top applications of wooden-finished ACP boards.

Business Sector 

Office buildings, banks, gas stations, shopping malls, retail outlets, and multiplex theatres commonly use ACP panels with a wooden finish. It is also suitable for educational and public wellness centres.

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Wooden ACP panels eliminate the colour fading issue that often plagues painted facades as they come with 10 years standard warranty.

Designing modern interiors 

If used in modern design such as cabinetry, flooring, etc., wooden ACP boards can add a touch of warmth to the ambience while complimenting the aesthetics of the abode, be it minimalist, traditional, or eclectic.

Due to their incredible characteristics like moisture-proofing, anti-termite, weather-resistance, and easy maintenance, ACP panels feature a high functional value compared to conventional wood.

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ACP board panelling is a great way to impart sophistication and character to your living space.

Aluminium panel sheet can be applied to both roofs and walls. It is a long-lasting material that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor wall panelling.

Not only are they a practical way to cover walls and ceilings in a building, but they can also be integrated into the interior design of a room, providing a captivating and dramatic appeal.


ACP panels possess fire-retardant properties, which assist in preserving the structural integrity of the building in the event of a fire outbreak.

At temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius, ACP boards do not melt into flaming droplets, nor do they emit hazardous fumes or thermal irritants. Instead, it releases non-toxic water vapour and gets converted into harmless dust particles, thus facilitating easy evacuation.

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ACP panels are developing ever-growing popularity amongst construction specialists thanks to their versatility and robustness.

Around the world, wooden ACP boards have opened up new possibilities for the architecture and construction industry, as they effortlessly elevate the distinctive aesthetics of the respective area of application.

If you're looking for nature-inspired, heavenly designs, take a look at our ACP collection in wooden texture. Our collection of soothing and vibrant colours has been carefully curated so that nothing stands between you and your dream project.