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Advantages of ACPs Building Exterior Fire Retardant

The Secret to a Stunning Exterior: Aluminium Composite Panels

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Do you look at certain building exteriors and they take you in awe? Well, that’s the role that building exteriors play. Besides beautifying the structures, they create long-lasting impressions for on-lookers. Today, new-age materials are replacing traditional ones like wood, timber, and concrete — mainly because of their aesthetics. ACPs are among the widely-used construction materials for exterior and interior cladding.
Additionally, exterior facades also play several other roles. In this blog, let us take a deeper dive into aluminium composite panels (ACP) and how they contribute to breathtaking building exteriors.

What are ACPs?

ACP panels are modern building materials that are typically used in facades, exterior cladding, and interior design. These panels have a core that is sandwiched by two sheets on either side, sealed with adhesives. They are then covered with coatings and finishes to seal the components in.
The most common types of cores include aluminium corrugated (FR Class A2+), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and fire-retardant mineral core (Class B1 & A2) varieties. ACPs are scratch-proof, sturdy, and lightweight.

Advantages of ACPs in Enhancing Building Exteriors

  Advantages of using Aluminium Composite Panel

The Visual Appeal

Contemporary buildings are designed in a way that makes them stand out amidst the urban skyline. Depending on the type of construction such as residential, commercial, or industrial, the exterior appearances of the buildings vary. However, one thing remains constant – an appealing visual that contributes to the building's character.
Traditionally materials like concrete, wood, and timber were used to enhance a building’s look. Today, ACPs have successfully replaced them in many instances. This is because ACPs are available in a wide range of bold solid colours, patterns, textures, and finishes. The versatility that this material offers to builders, architects, as well as designing experts, makes them a top choice for exterior cladding.

Weather-proof and Scratch-resistant

Whether it is wood, concrete, glass, or mirrors, conventional external cladding always has the risk of being impacted by the forces of nature. Such materials ultimately do not retain the original texture that they had at the time of installation. As a result, ACPs have emerged as the best alternative cladding material.
The structure of the panels makes them resistant to all forces of nature. This makes them more durable and long-lasting than most other cladding materials. Besides, the panels are also resistant to impact and scratches that may occur from debris, birds, or other materials colliding.

Fire-retardant Properties

Many high-rise buildings are susceptible to fire hazards. In such fire incidents, the most common cause for the loss of life is the smoke that forms. People who get trapped inside lose their life from asphyxiation. However, the situation would be very different if there was hardly any smoke.
With aluminium composite panels, that is possible. ACP cladding does not produce any smoke since they are not combustible. Particularly with panels that have fire retardant cores (Class B, Class A2+, and A2), the risk of losing life and property is close to none. These panels do not cause smoke or burning droplets, and even delay the spread of fire for up to 2 hours! Thereby, reducing the risk of major exterior or interior damage.

Minimum Installation and Maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial part of keeping the exteriors of buildings looking as good as new. However, plenty of resources, as well as money, are involved in carrying out upkeep sessions. Besides, traditional materials often require intense repairs or renovations which often causes inconvenience for people.
ACPs however, do not require as much maintenance. They are designed in a way that minimises the need for touch-ups. Besides, they can be simply cleaned with soap and water and with a clean cloth. This works as an advantage for owners since it reduces both costs and resources.

Aluminium Composite Panels by Viva

As among the leading manufacturer of ACPs in India, Viva produces superior-quality ACP panels that have a stunning and durable finish. Available in 300+ eye-catching shades and exceptional textures, designers have a wide range to choose from.
Viva’s extraordinary range of panels comes in finishes such as glossy and matte. Also, our collection of textures includes metallic, rustic, marble, stone, and wood. Produced using state-of-the-art aluminium composite panel technology, these panels can be customised to any thickness and dimension to suit the requirements of every building exterior.
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