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Unveiling the Creative Journey of Viva ACP's 300+ Shades

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Traditional cladding materials often pose a limitation in terms of design demands. Whether stone-clad buildings or wooden cladding, the options for a creative building facade were limited. Since “necessity is the mother of invention”, aluminium composite panels brought about a revolution in the realm of architecture.
Meeting the demand for creative and vibrant claddings, Viva ACP offered unlimited aesthetic versatility. Made by bonding two aluminium sheets to a thermoplastic core, Viva has ACP 300+ shades that offer a sturdy build with an easy canvas for printing and colour coatings.
Today, contemporary buildings take advantage of the unique properties and diversity of aluminium composite sheet colours, textures, and patterns to create some of the most stunning architectures around the world. Inspired by natural elements, Viva offers 300+ shades for unique exterior and interior cladding, signages, and facades for commercial, residential, and even industrial buildings.

Viva’s Premium ACP Panel Series

Tarnish Metallum

A homage to the rural building style, the Tarnish Series comprises muted colours. The series is inspired by the ageing architectures of the past, clad in metal. Designers at Viva curated this aluminium composite panel series to celebrate the timeless beauty of tarnished metals, which help create a striking presence while being immune to rusting and weathering (when properly installed).

Natural Stone

Drawing inspiration from natural stones, this series perfectly captures the ruggedness of rocks. The organic texture, tone variations, and flaws give these ACP panels a natural rawness. These panels demonstrate the look and feel of real stones, while they are a fraction of the weight of their real counterparts. Viva offers stone series ACP panels beyond the standard shades of grey and black, including red, brown, blue, and others.


With a high-end matte finish on vibrant colours, Viva has come up with a Lustre Series that is synonymous with elegance and regality. This offers panes that are beyond just glossy or shiny. The pastel colours used in the ACP panels are striking enough to draw attention, while not being reflective and smooth in texture.


The Desert Series by Viva is drawn from the underlying beauty of sandy stretches all around the world. A unique ACP sheet design, this series helps achieve sheer brilliance in creative designs. Available in numerous colours, the series is truly something that can create a striking design.

Metal Abstract

Designed to leave a lasting impression, this series is one of the most sought-after products on the market. Mimicking the qualities of vintage and weathered metals, this Metal Abstract series captures the beauty of ageing on metal. Stunning colour combinations coupled with excellent weather resistance and aesthetic appearance make this series a top choice by designers for commercial buildings.


Influenced by celestial hues and galactical bodies, the Galaxy Series ACP panels are designed to leave people ‘gazing’! With an excellent finish and superb tolerance to impact and moisture, this series is perfect to create a unique wall piece, with materials that are lightweight and easy to handle.

Natural Rustic

Yet another range of aluminium composite panels that takes reference from the earthy and rustic appearances of natural elements. Offering a noticeable look to the building facades, the Natural Rustic series aids in creating a harmonious contrast with a wood-like appearance, which makes them a top choice for achieving natural finishes in a much more sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Premium Wooden

From decor to furniture, wood is one of the most predominant materials in India and is quite prevalent and hence this was a must-have shade in our range! The Premium Wooden aluminium composite panel series draws inspiration from the diverse hardwood trees. The best part? These ACP panels weigh a fraction of actual wooden claddings!

Premium Marble

Marble has its own undeniable charm and elegance, and that’s exactly what Viva’s Premium Marble series captures. Symbolising peace, power, and purity, marble aluminium composite panel designs bring in the much-required grace in many construction projects. This series is ideal for decking up ceilings, interior walls, columns, restrooms, kitchens, and other spaces in restaurants.

Brush and Mirror

Designed to offer an artistic touch to interior and exterior cladding, the Brush Series by Viva ACP exudes the finest blend of modern elements and art. On the other hand, shades from the Mirror Series, ‘reflects’ the elegance and style of a contemporary artistic and shiny facade. The mirror shades ACP Panel are manufactured leveraging lacquer technology, which makes them the go-to choice for many designers for diverse applications including interior design, lifts, and jewellery stores.

Solid and Metallic

Not all projects demand patterns and textures, and that’s why Viva has the Solid and Metallic Series reserved! With dozens of shade options to choose from including bright and vibrant ones to shiny and metallic, this series celebrates the joy of each colour! From claddings to signages, this series demonstrates extreme versatility.


The kind of finish on these ACP panels can determine the setting of the installation. The Glossy Series brings an ultra-modern edge to wall claddings. Offering elegance and extreme impact resistance, these ACP sheets are extensively used for projects of all kinds.

Customised ACP Panel Shades to Make a Unique Statement with Viva

A pioneer in the ACP cladding industry, Viva ACP manufactures aluminium composite panels that use cutting-edge Colour Coating Lines. Offering a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes, we at Viva aim to cater to your architectural design requirements.
The advanced technology coupled with our infrastructure enables us to customise shades as per our client’s needs and requirements. Besides, through VIVA's testing facilities, we guarantee the finest quality and exact specifications, obviating the possibility of peeling.
Lead-free and non-toxic, Viva ACP uses paints that conform to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN (European Nations) standards. In addition, at Viva, we also use FEVE coating to achieve a glossy finish and PVDF to keep them from ageing. This ensures that on top of the enigmatic shades, Viva ACP panels are crafted to be weather-proof for years to come!
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