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Viva ALZinc - Valued Engineered Alternative to Zinc Composite Panel

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The metal cladding has gone through tremendous change over the years. From the steel metal roofs by Robert Morris during the American Civil War in the 19th Century to widely use of aluminium for asbestos and other cladding purposes, designers have embraced metal as a cladding material for its flexibility and ease of use. ALZinc is part of the evolution, and Viva is proud to be the first in the world to launch the ALZinc series.
But what is ALZinc, and why it is a valued engineered alternative to Zinc Composite Panels? Here in this blog, we will discuss all, so you don’t have to research about it!

What is ALZinc?

ALZinc is a panel that has Zinc colours coating over the Aluminium Substrate. With help of PVDF coating, Zinc Shades are coated over the panel, which gives it a rustic and vintage look of Zinc, and the robust features of the aluminium panel sheet.

Why ALZinc is a Preferable Alternative to Zinc Composite Panel?

ALZinc is known to be an alternative to Zinc Composite Panel (ZCP). Although popular for their flexibility and ability to resist corrosion, Zinc panels have a fair share of disadvantages, heavier weight, higher price, and longer time for manufacturing are among them.
The ALZinc is similar aesthetically to the zinc composite panel, however, the features are different from each other due to the composition. So, to understand why it is better and more popular among modern architects, one needs to look at the checklist that makes ALZinc the right alternative to Zinc Composite Panel.


ALZinc is a hybrid of aluminium composite panels and Zinc colour coating, on aluminium is more economical than zinc and the whole sheet is not made of zinc like ZCP, it becomes an economical investment for architects and builders looking for cost-effective material.

Paces up the Construction Process

ALZinc takes 12-15 days for manufacturing, as the process is not as complex as a zinc composite panel. While, Zinc composite panel can take up to four months for manufacturing, as the process involves making of Zinc alloy sheet that is weathered with a chemical reaction, and then sandwiched with the thermoplastic core. As designers and builders are looking for a material that takes less time in manufacturing and paces up the construction process, it becomes widely popular among modern architects.

Celebrates Vintage Architecture

Vintage touch adds elegance to architecture, and that’s what our ALZinc celebrates! Our ALZinc product line consists of hues that have a touch of rustic and vintage aesthetics. As Zinc forms a patina over time due to exposure to air, the same textures and finishes are embedded in our latest product range.

Light as Feather

It is known to be lighter than a zinc composite panel, as the material has a thin layer of zinc it does not adds weight to the panel, and makes it lighter than a Zinc Composite panel. Aluminium is lighter than Zinc by a factor of 2.5 that means aluminium panel in combination with a Zinc Colour coating makes the panel lighter than Zinc.

Fire Resistance

ALZinc easily integrates well with the FR class A2+ grade, FR class A2, and, FR class B1 grade sheet that makes the panel fire-resistant. This enhances the safety and security of the building when installed as the second skin on the wall.


Our ALZinc series comes with a range of benefits that you will be stunned by. Yes, the panel are non-toxic as the coating is done with lead-free pigments. With Alzinc you get the exact Zinc Finish on Aluminum Composite Panel,  which makes this a valued engineered alternative to Zinc Composite Panel.