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Viva's Premium Wood Finished ACP – Redefining Aesthetic Beauty

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Wood is one of the most unique materials. It looks classy and aesthetically pleasing as well. Needless to mention, wood can add a certain degree of charm anywhere it is applied. It can immediately bring warmth to otherwise boring surroundings.

No wonder why many property owners or designers want to add a touch of ethereal beauty to their commercial or residential space—all with the help of wood. However, being an extremely valuable resource, wood can be quite on the pricier side of the scale.

So, is there a cheaper alternative that looks like wood and feels like wood too? Well, Yes. Wooden ACP sheets are widely used by those who want to add wooden beauty to their place, without having to spend too much.

What is a Wood Finish ACP Panel?

ACP Sheets or Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets are flat panels consisting of two thin colour-coated aluminium coils bonded to an FR/LDPE core in between. ACP sheets are available in a variety of shades and out of which is our wooden series.

Wood finish ACP sheets are a great cladding material that is highly weather-resistant as well. It is available in many colours and textures which add immense beauty to a building. Needless to mention, wooden ACP panelling is an excellent way of adding grandeur to a building. 

Their rich look and fine polishing add uniqueness to the look of the building. Wooden ACP sheets are ideal for use in office and administrative buildings. It can also be academic and public health service centres.

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Ways to Incorporate Wood Finish ACP Sheets

Wood finish ACPs have become popular for their cost-effectiveness, lightweight, durability, and versatility. Let’s some:

  • Facades: Wood-finished ACP can be used to create stunning facades for both commercial and residential buildings. It is the perfect way to make a building feel warm and inviting.
  • Wall Cladding: These panels can also be used as an alternative to traditional wooden wall cladding. Much less costly as well as requiring less maintenance, these ACPs also come with ease of installation.
  • Ceilings: Many residential and commercial buildings use wooden-finished ACP to create stylish and unique ceiling designs. Whether it is a rustic or modern look, achieving the desired look is now easier with wood-finished ACP.
  • Signage: Designed to be weather and impact-resistant, wood-finish ACP can be used to create custom signage for businesses.
  • Interior Walls and Partitions: These ACPs can be used to create a feature wall in an interior space. It is a great way to add warmth and texture to a room.
Wooden ACP Sheets | VIVA ACP

What Makes Viva One of the Leading Wood Finish ACP Sheet Manufacturers in India?

Viva is a premier ACP sheet manufacturer based in India. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art Korean machines with advanced technology to ensure top-notch products. We have a unique design and colour catalogue available for our wooden sheets such as Smoke Walnut Wood, Ebony Wood, Burma Teak Wood, Larch Wood, Walnut Wood, Teak Wood, New Rose Wood, and many more.

Our range of wood finish ACP panels is designed to bring in the natural variation in wood grain and add texture, character and depth to any design. Suitable for exterior and interior designs, Viva’s Wooden ACP sheet can be a timeless and classic choice. Additionally, these sheets offer a variety of ways to achieve different looks and textures and offer interior designers plenty of options to play with.

Our superior quality wood finish ACP sheet makes us one of the most reputed and leading brands in the ACP industry. We also use Lead-free paint in our manufacturing process, certified by the IGBC which poses no threat to the environment.