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In the past ACP sheets were used in the aviation and ship industry, however, its use has diversified over the years. Now architects use it (ACP Sheet) for interior design and exterior, signage, among others. The aluminium composite sheets actually are the sandwich structure of mineral core or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) along with a bonded thin coil as a skin-layer for both sides. This product is being widely used in the retail industry, as it has several benefits and offers ease of construction.
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Being said that, let us find out why people choose ACP cladding over natural processes.

Advantages and Workability of ACP Cladding or ACP Sheets Design

ACP cladding is a process where a sheet of metal is weathered for rusting. Many interior designers have made ACP their working friend as it is convenient to use and gives buildings an authentic look, both from the interiors and exteriors. Therefore, presently the retail, as well as the residential interior designing market, is focusing on purchasing ACPs and using them to make constructions rigid, strong, and visually pleasing. On the other hand, naturally, the process takes time and involves a set of processes for rusting the metal. However, for ACP cladding that is not the case, even though it has the same rigidity as the natural product. ACP sheets have a much easier installation process, which saves time, resources, and money. Particularly, ACP sheet design for home and commercial interiors have a dynamic visual appeal, besides enjoying the advantages of being lightweight, sturdy, and flexible.

How Do ACP Panels Have An Edge

Contrary to other cladding materials, ACPs are much more dynamic. For instance, if you want a marble- finish look to add to your TV wall, you can do that without involving real marble – which means, reduced cost and resources. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that these sheets give.
It is Possible to give different shapes such as 3D, other than the hundreds of ACP sheet designs.
The installation and fabrication of ACPs are cost-effective while it also saves time and benefits the projects bound with a time frame.
It is the best substitute for natural wood or stone in terms of providing a building with the contemporary look that suits.
Buildings that abide by low noise such as salons, retail book stores can best utilize this product. ACPs can reduce sound nearly to 25 dB in normal ones and up to 30dB in FR ACPs.
The variety of products that can be crafted through ACP cladding, i.e. impossible for the natural process to attain.
The ACPs can easily be maintained by washing and cleaning them, without asking for extra attention.
These sheets can be reused during renovations, and provide a long-term relationship with the building it settles in.
The VIVA ACP sheets are eco-friendly as it contains about 80% recyclable materials. Additionally, a few are anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, and anti-fire for providing the building with the right support.
Final Thoughts
The benefits of aluminium composite sheets are ever-growing, as the interior and exterior designers choose this product. If you are interested in purchasing ACP sheets for interior ACP sheet design for your home, you can check out the official website of Viva. We have a total of 18 warehouses all over India.
There are over 300 colours to choose from and various designs to play within Viva.
Looking at the requirements in hand we suggest the ACP quality that suits best, whereas you can customize the product as you wish. We at Viva respect our clients’ choice, as they can choose the colour they want for maintaining brand identity.
The ACPs created at our end come from in-house manufacturing at Umbergaon in Gujarat utilizing the Korean machines provided by the state-of-the-art. Therefore, the quality is top-notch and the products have a fire-safety rating of A2 and A2+
To know more about ACP Sheet Design you can visit us or contact call at Toll-Free number 1800 313 3770 (10:30 - 18:30 Hrs IST).