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When you pass by a high-rise building, what's the first thing you notice? It's exterior cladding. The cladding is an integral part of skyscrapers and modern architecture. Be it restoring a vernacular building, or making modern sky scrappers, ACP sheet has become the irreplaceable choice for designing needs.
ACP sheets are not new to the market, and their characteristics and features have already added value to a building, but we are an explorer of the right material, which has brought us to new age material AHPL sheets. If you are unfamiliar with this, then keep scrolling down as we explain about AHPL sheet.

What is the AHPL sheet?

AHPL sheet is an Aluminium High-Pressure Laminate. The panels comprise the characteristics of ACP sheets, it is lightweight and flexible to fabricate into any shape or design. The aluminium-based panel does not corrode or damage, and durable than paper-based HPL sheets.

Major Benefits of AHPL sheets


The panels are applicable for a range of operations, mostly because of their flexibility. The AHPL sheet is 90-degree bendable, which helps in easy fabrication into any shape or design. With the help of a router and mica knife, you can redesign the sheet into a rectangle, circular or square shape.
The sheets are useful for making balconies, Attic, ceilings, canopy, gates, and pillars. It comes in thicknesses of 6mm, 4mm and 8mm, making it sturdy for exterior uses.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Cladding material such as stone, wood, or marble is difficult to maintain. Even composite material fades after a few years, but AHPL sheet retains color and texture for a long time.
It is easy to maintain, the sheets have scratch and dust-resistant coating. Sponge and clean water are enough to remove debris and dust from the sheets. Furthermore, the anti-microbial sheets prohibit the growth of fungus or bacteria preventing surface damage on the sheets.
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HPL sheet comes in two materials, one is a paper-based composite panel and another is the aluminium composite panel. The AHPL or Aluminum high-pressure laminate is made from aluminium, which is known to be one of the most abundant metals on earth. The cost of production and procuring the metal is lower than any other composite panel, hence claiming to the topic, the AHPL sheet is quite affordable and easy to purchase.


AHPL sheet has properties and qualities just like the ACP sheet. The panels come in a range of textures, hues, and designs. The most popular AHPL design is wooden texture, as it is mostly applicable to exterior spaces.
The AHPL sheet complements the décor and the style of the existing structure. As it is for exterior purposes, it is important to match with interior fashion and design of the walls.

Enhanced Safety Feature

The AHPL sheet is better than the HPL sheet, as it is made from metal. The metal part and fire-resistant resin ensure the panel is not susceptible to fire. The fire-resistant sheets ensure slow combustion and take time to catch fire.
AHPL adds structural strength to the building, the panels are strong and sturdy which helps in making the building safe and secure.


AHPL sheets are sturdier than the aluminium composite panel, which makes them long-lasting than the ACP sheet. Viva offers a warranty of 10 years on the AHPL sheet, making it the right investment for building cladding.
Viva is the largest exporter of aluminium panel sheet or ACP sheets and aggregate products. We are known for impeccable quality and on-time deliveries. Our product has been part of renowned architectural projects in India and overseas. To get in touch with the experts you can call on 1800 313 3770 or mail at