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Why Zinc Composite Panel is Modern India's Choice?

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The cladding material has evolved tremendously over the years. To give an opulent look to buildings, cladding plays a major role, out of many cladding materials in the market, Zinc Composite Panels or Zinc Cladding are the new rage in the cladding industry. From having an excellent design to being lightweight, zinc is the new age material that is penetrating the contemporary architectural world.

We at Viva, have introduced the Zinc Composite Panel in collaboration with ElZinc, and are proud to announce that this has been well appreciated across the globe for both interior and exterior purposes. Today, we will give you an insight into why Zinc Composite Panel is becoming the new favorite cladding or facade material.

What Is Zinc Composite Panel?

So, first thing first, let's understand what is zinc composite panel. Zinc Composite Panels are similar to aluminum composite panels, the difference that it carries is the material of the sheet. In the zinc composite panel, the zinc sheets are on the top and bottom while the thermoplastic material constitutes the core.

We have introduced a wide range of Zinc composite panel that includes various texture and tones to suit the visual palette of the consumer. The shades include Rainbow Rojo/Red, Oliva, Slate, Lava, Crystal, Rainbow Ebano/Black, Rainbow Azul/blue, and many other shades.

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What Makes Zinc Composite Panel Unique?


Did you know using a ZCP sheet can reduce your carbon footprint? Yes, that's right! You must note that Zinc is completely recyclable that's why the material can be used again and again without hampering the quality.

Since the ZCP sheets are non-toxic and lead-free, it does not give back pollutant in the air, making them a true friend of the environment. As the sheets are completely recyclable, it does not end up as waste in the landfill.


Viva's ZCP sheets are exceptionally sturdy that come with unmatched flatness. Zinc Composite Panels can last for decades! Let us tell you why? Firstly, the panels are not sensitive to rust, or corrosion. Secondly, it can withstand weather changes. Finally, the sheets have high tensile strength, elongation properties, and have better yield strength than other cladding materials making the sheet crack resistant, ensuring their durability in long run.


If you want to personify your projects with different shades apart from the one available in our product range then we are here to help you out! The panels can be fabricated or customized according to your vision. The ZCP sheets are ideally not fire-retardant, however, you can customize them to make them fire-resistant.

Modern India Prefers Modern Design

Zinc Composite Panel is the first choice of modern India as it blends ethereal beauty with eco-friendliness. The premium features are well suited for cladding, facade, and signage for both interior and exterior. Needless to say, these sheets are easily bendable and can be fabricated into any design.

To conclude, Viva’s has a history of being the largest Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP Panel producer in India and after collaborating with ElZinc, which is the largest international producer of architectural Zinc, our team is proud to bring versatility in cladding materials.