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Lively ACPs: How Choosing the Right Colours of ACP Sheets Can Enliven Facades and Spaces

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Are colours merely means to decorate modern architecture? Apparently not! The human brain perceives colours in order to respond mentally, psychologically, and physically to their surroundings, thus relating their existence and experiences to spaces and architectures. Not only for contemporary architectures, but if we go back in time and scan through thousands of artifacts and glorious architectures, we will see how colours have played a vital role in beautifying and socially determining the value of such incredible works of art. Colours are thus often symbolic of human emotions and reactions. Colours also define the social value of spaces by playing the critical component in creating human connectivity, evoking emotions, and helping human beings relate to spaces and architectures.   When it comes to Aluminium Composite Panels, this modern-day material comes in a plethora of colours. Sustainable in its core nature, Viva ACP sheets play with colours, tones, hues, and textures to help your architectural wonders be as glorious as they deserve to be. While Viva's sandwich panels come in muted colours to help you create the illusion of larger open architectures, we also have an exhaustive range of darker colours that soothe your spaces to look more compressed. Amongst thousands of colours (and more being developed every day), here are the few most common colours and the human emotions they portray through their presence-


Red is the most exciting and dynamic colour in the colour palette. It is easily recognized by the human eye and helps to highlight areas beautifully. Owing to its power to trigger compulsivity, it is often a part of consumer oriented products such as fast food outlets. KFC indeed has made the best out of red with its brightly coloured branding components. You May Like: Viva Helps To Maintain The Brand Colour Of Any Big Brand


Possessing the attention-grabbing qualities of red in a jovial manner, orange is the colour of positivity. It radiates warmth and encourages creativity surrounded by elements of fun. Think Fanta or Nickelodeon - brands having orange as their leading branding component, and instantly you will be able to connect with the zesty feeling of unending happiness.


Part of Pantone's Colour of the Year Series 2021, Yellow is a primary colour that carries brightness and a happy aura. Often used in brands that cater to kids, this sunshine shade has been an integral part of McDonalds, Chupa Chups, and Lays!


The colour of serenity and calm, blue, is associated with "being in the moment". It gives the illusion of depth and is often used in external cladding for spaces such as commercial organizations and offices. Dell, Ford, and HP cannot get enough of blue through their innovative branding. Choosing the Right Colours of ACP Sheets Can Enliven Facades and Spaces - Viva


Think about relaxation for a moment, and we are sure that the colour green will pop up in your mind. This colour symbolizes sustainability, tranquility, and well-being by being restful to the human eye. From IGBC to Starbucks Coffee, green represents both relaxation and ecological wholesomeness.


White helps to create dramatic shadows and crisp structural elements in modern-day architecture. It also plays a vital role in creating visual relief. Rainscreen claddings made with Aluminium Composite Panels are often preferred in the shade white so as to ensure a blank canvas that can create depth and perception to the human eye. Brands like Crocs and Chanel (and many other fashion brands) have used white as a significant part of their logo branding.


To be honest, brown is actually one of the best-selling colours for our ACPs sheets at Viva. It represents the ground, the earth, and everything terrestrial. The emotions associated with brown are closely synonymous with honesty and stability. Brands like Louis Vuitton and UPS have significantly used brown as their primary branding colour.


The achromatic colour is made up of primarily white and black; grey is an all-time high selling colour when it comes to cladding materials like Aluminium Composite Panels. The colour balances its surroundings and instills a sense of sophistication to architecture and spaces. Brands like Samsung and Apple have used grey distinguishably in their branding.


Symbolizing power and visual illusion, black is extremely popular as the choice colour for external facades. Ranging from rainscreen facades to artistic, unconventional facades, black Viva ACP sheets have adorned many spaces and remain one of our best-selling shades of all time. Kudos to brands like Adidas and Disney, who have popularized black globally as a primary branding colour for their famous brands.   Confused with Viva's vast range of ACP sheets and sandwich panels? Don't know which colours to use for your next architectural creations? Give us a call on our toll-free number 1800 313  3770 and book a FREE facade consultation today.