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To create an excellent first impression, it's essential to select the appropriate kind of façade material for your buildings and residences. Using ACP Facade, your house or workplace will have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. ACP Sheets add to the value of your property and create a positive first impression by enhancing the beauty of the project.

What is The ACP Facade all About?

The core of an ACP is a polymer sheet sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminium in ACP panel. Aluminium has a low melting point, making it flammable. Thus ACPs with a polymer core of at least 30% are at risk of fire spreading up the panel. The most dangerous ACP products are those with a polymer core composed entirely of polyethylene. The ACP Sheet (Aluminium Composite Panel) is an innovative new material for architectural building exteriors and interior design. Because ACP Sheets also go by the name "Sandwich Panels," they are made of two layers of aluminium foil sandwiched between two low-density polyethylene (LDPE) before being fused under high heat and pressure.
The aluminium composite panel's ability to change offers it an edge for creating innovative and daring designs. It also makes it an excellent material for combining with other materials to create unique features on the exterior.
ACP Facade | ACP Cladding - VIVA ACP
 In addition to the typical image of a vented flat facade, we can see how the panel may be utilized for various stunning projects and daring ideas that contribute to the uniqueness of the structures.

3D Modeling and Sculpting

The 3D façade method may be used to manufacture projected three-dimensional surfaces and aluminium composite panels for hanging systems.


Edging comes in three varieties:
  • Intuitive, which covers the edge and extends a flange to hide panel sheet joints
  • Simple, which hides the edge and part of the back of the panel
  • Double outside, which hides the edge and hides the back
Viva ACP is a company known for its forward-thinking approach. ACP sheet with a sand finish is the only one in the world; it is also the first in India to have a Rustic Finish or 3D finish, and it has a variety of other finishes and textures. With today's advancements in construction technology, the Viva ACP sheets are utilized for the outside of buildings like the canopy and fascia and a wide range of inside applications such as interior wall covering, false ceiling, and cabinetry. Nowadays, the most popular material used in corporate identity design is Viva ACP, a high-quality acrylic composite material.

Benefits of Using ACP Sheets 

  • It is readily bent, folded, and turned. There is little danger of cracking.
  • Flatness
  • A wide variety of colour options are available, including wood and stone, mirror, sand, and 3d ACP sheet.
  • Lightweight
  • Ensure that structures are adequately insulated.
  • Resistant to borers, termites, and fungus
  • Available in three different thicknesses: 6mm, 4mm, and 3mm. It's possible to make anything flammability-resistant and have qualities that make them antibacterial, UV rays are not a problem since environmentally friendly due to the lack of any traces of lead in the product, recyclable to the fullest extent possible, withstands the effects of harsh weather. Safe, easy to clean.
Viva ACP's palette of special series includes Sand, Rustic, Cortina, Timber, and many more, in addition to the standard series' solid and metallic colours.