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Limitless Horizons: Exploring Aluminium Composite Panel Applications

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The world of architecture has evolved over the years. Many different variations and elements have undergone drastic changes over the last two decades. From patterns and designs to building materials, traditional designs are constantly changing and will keep doing so over the years. Smart cities and development in metropolises are experiencing a spike, in which modern architecture is not only differentiating from vernacular in terms of designs but also using eco-friendly materials that provide the possibility of sustainable design has been evolving in the last couple of years. This is where Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) sheets come in! A material so versatile that the possibilities of designs are endless.
Being the leading manufacturer of ACP sheets, we present ACP sheets and their endless possibilities that go beyond conventional use.

ACP Sheet in Modular Kitchen

Exploring Aluminium Composite Panel Applications
The kitchen is the heart of every home, with sleek and contemporary designs, a modular kitchen elevates the appearance of your home and makes it more convenient to use. With a wide range of finishes, textures and colours, ACP sheets can transform cabinets, drawers and backsplashes. ACP sheet’s lightweight nature, durability, maintenance and fire retardant make it a perfect choice for modern, functional, and visually appealing modular kitchens.
But how does Viva elevate the modular kitchen? Well, our ACP sheet designs boast FR-grade panels which have the highest accreditation of fire safety, along with that the sheets are water and moisture-resistant, hence allowing better longevity and durability than traditional materials such as wood.

ACP Cladding For Exteriors

Exploring Aluminium Composite Panel Applications
When it comes to elevating the exteriors, ACP cladding has become a game changer. In commercial and residential architecture, ACP cladding has elevated the exteriors offering a sleek and modern look that provides excellent insulation and weather resistance. As ACP Panels offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation when added as ACP cladding, these panels contribute to better energy efficiency and noise reduction in buildings. Some of our projects where the sheets are used for ACP sheet elevation design.

Branding Retail

Exploring Aluminium Composite Panel Applications
In the competitive landscape of retail, creating a strong brand identity is crucial. ACP Sheets play a significant role in branding retail spaces, as they offer a versatile canvas for creative designs. The ACP sheets are utilised from storefront signage to interior wall signage. These are available in LED screens and 3D signage. ACP sheets can be customised with brand colours, logos, and graphics, helping retailers match the broad colour to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand experience. The durability of ACP sheets ensures that branding elements remain intact even in high-traffic areas, making them a cost-effective choice for retail spaces. Some of the industries where our ACP sheet added a touch of elegance and professionalism as signage in the oil industry, retail shops, automobile industry, banking sector and developers.

Interior Designing

Exploring Aluminium Composite Panel Applications
ACP sheets are not only limited to exterior applications but also play a vital role in interior design. From wall panels to false ceilings, ACP sheets offer endless possibilities for creating unique and visually striking interiors. The versatility of ACP sheets allows designers to experiment with different colours, textures, and finishes, adding depth, luxury and character to any space. Whether it's a residential home, office, or hospitality establishment, ACP sheet design can transform an ordinary interior into a masterpiece of design.

Transportation: ACP sheets on the move

Did you know that ACP sheets are used in buses and trains? Yes, that’s true! ACP sheets are not limited to stationary structures, they have made their way into the world of transportation. Being lightweight, fire retardant, and weather resistant, these sheets are added to the interior and exterior of buses and trains, and also in the avian industry.

Furniture and Applications

ACP sheets are not just limited to the cladding of the walls or ceiling, they have found their way to integrate in furniture designs. As ACP sheets are moisture and water-resistant, they are popular choices as furniture cladding too. Enhancing the accents of your home, one can choose from the plethora of designs from Viva’s design vault.

ACP Sheets With Infinite Customisation

As we have already explained some of the known and unknown applications for ACP sheets, it is time to understand what drives their versatility. The answer is the scope of customisation.
ACP sheets are 100% customisable, which means starting from the thickness of the core, the aluminium sheets to their colours and tones. With our 3 colour coating facilities, we ensure the tones and textures match your requirements, while our extensive manufacturing unit in Umbergaon, ensures the thickness and other requirements are customised as per the requirement in different applications.

300+ Shades of Viva To Create Unlimited Possibilities

While we have mentioned quite a few applications of ACP sheets in modern architecture, the possibilities are not limited to these, as the highly flexible, and easy-to-shape and install panels can find multiple applications elevating the style and functionality of any space.
Viva ACP has over 300 shades, textures, and numerous hues. Our ACP sheet design, which comes in various series makes us an unprecedented leader in the industry. Series such as Mirage Fluted, AlZinc, and Metal Abstract, are one of a kind, and these series exude captivating elegance and add depth, and textures to your space. Moreover, with Viva, you get FR-grade panels, anti-bacterial ACP sheets, anti-scratch, and self-cleaning panels, which lowers maintenance expenses.
Want to know more about our latest addition? Then visit our Viva ACP store, and find the sheet based on the series, thickness, and application of your choice.