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Fireproofing Building Facades with Viva’s Fire Retardant Panels

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In an era when high-rise structures are dotting the skyline, establishing a safe building design is more important than ever. Fire safety is among one of the main aspects of ensuring complete protection of structure and life. In order to ascertain fire safety, building contractors and owners are making it a priority to choose fire-proof construction materials for claddings and facades.
As one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium composite panels, at Viva, we understand the importance of ensuring fire safety. And hence, we introduced an elaborate range of fire retardant panels that are ideal to be used for exterior and interior cladding. Let’s see the advantages of fireproofing buildings with Viva’s FR-grade ACP panels.
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Fire-retardant ACP Panels and their Advantages

Contrary to traditional materials, fire-resistant panels are structured and produced differently. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of these panels.

Extremely resistant to high temperatures

A tad bit different from typical aluminium composite panels, FR-grade panels have mineral-filled cores in place of thermoplastic cores. These cores are made from non-flammable and non-combustible materials such as Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminium TriHydroxide which do not allow them to catch fire. These materials are halogen-free and inorganic which does not allow for fueling a fire. Hence, the primary advantage of fire retardant panels is their high level of fire resistance. 

Ability to delay fire spread

These panels are more than just extraordinary to not catch fire. In fact, Viva’s fire retardant panels can stall and delay the fire spread. Let’s back this up with facts. ACPs are produced using a fire-retardant mineral-filled core that has a high melting point and low flammability. Besides, the core helps to slow down heat transfer thereby preventing the spread of fire. Also, these ACPs are coated with fire retardant coatings on both sides of the panel, which further acts as a protective layer. 

Easy installation approach

Among the list of advantages that these panels offer is their relatively easy installation procedure. Similar to aluminium composite panels, these panels too can be attached to the exterior of a building using a variety of different mounting systems. In fact, they can be cut to fit around windows, doors, and other edges. This is why they are one of the most flexible options for fireproofing building facades.  
Compliant with the highest safety standards
Fire retardant panels by Viva meet international safety standards and regulations.  Our range of FR-grade panels is certified by international consultants Thomas Bell-Wright. These panels are also accredited with NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929, and ASTM E84 which offer ultimate fire assurance. This can be phenomenal for buildings in high-risk areas or with high occupancy.
No smoke generation
Conventional cladding materials generate smoke when they catch fire. However, Viva’s fire retardant panels do not generate smoke in case of fire accidents. And since smoke inhalation or asphyxiation is the leading cause of death in case of mishaps resulting from fire. This not only reduces the chances of panic but also allows safe and orderly evacuation. Furthermore, these panels also cause zero molten droplets which establish their value. 

Diverse aesthetic palette

Fire retardant ACP panels by Viva come in a wide range of colours and finishes. Thanks to these, they offer a great creative range to builders and architects to create visually appealing and modern designs.


Available in three classes, Class B, Class A2+, and Class A2, our fire retardant panels offer varied degrees of fire safety. Class B comprises 70% Mineral & 30 % polyethylene recycled core, while Class A2 is made of 90% Mineral & 10 % polyethylene recycled core. The first of its kind in India, Viva introduce the A2+ series which has 100% aluminium and no polyethylene core. 
Manufactured using cutting-edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility, these FR-grade panels are set to secure the future of modern constructions. Highly efficient, easy to install, and offering a range of other benefits that can help to improve a building's durability and resilience, Viva’s ACP panels are undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone looking for fireproof building facades.