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ACP sheets are one of the integral building materials of any modern construction. Be it commercial, residential, or industrial establishments the application of ACP sheets not only enhances the aesthetic, but makes it sustainable, strong, and durable. So, architects, designers, and other patrons in the industry are responsible for choosing the right ACP sheet manufacturer, but with the market getting cluttered with too many manufacturers, choosing the best one is becoming a hassle, as there are too many factors to consider. To make your purchasing process seamless, we have created a checklist that considers various factors such as sizes, thickness, colours, textures, physical properties, quality testing….and many more. This results in making a sound decision while purchasing an Aluminium Composite Panel for construction.

Checklist To Keep In Mind While Choosing ACP Sheet Manufacturer

Innovation at its core

The world of design is in a constant state of evolution, and your chosen ACP sheet manufacturer should be at the forefront of innovation. Check to see what assortment of items are available or what classes they offer. Look for manufacturers who are constantly bringing new product ranges and trying to push the boundaries of what ACP sheets can achieve. Cutting-edge technology, novel design products, and environmentally friendly practices are all signs of a manufacturer dedicated to innovation.
Viva ACP is one of the pioneer brands putting innovation first approach to meet the needs of the market, along with pushing boundaries of imagination. We are the 1st to introduce A2+ FR Grade, Natural Stone, Corten Steel, and AlZinc Series. Our innovation and designs are not limited to some unique series but expand to new shades, textures, and materials to uplift the features of aluminium composite panels.

Production Capacity

While purchasing the ACP sheet for a high-scale project, you cannot delay the ongoing work due to delays in deliveries. A large production unit builds trust and reliability, especially when embarking on large-scale projects. Ask your dealer about the company’s production unit, and timeline to get the deliveries. An extensive production capacity speaks volumes about their commitment to meeting the demands of the market while maintaining the highest standards.
Viva has extended its production capacity enormously over the years, it has increased the capacity of production from 9 million sq.m annually to 12 million sq.m, 3 colour coating lines, and many new advanced machineries.


Certifications speak about the quality of the product. The certifications are provided to the products when they meet the required quality standards and adhere to the quality testing set by the industry and institution. These certifications validate their commitment to excellence. ISO certification, fire compliance, and environmental certification are just a few stamps of approval that you should check while choosing the top ACP sheet manufacturer in India. Being the top ACP manufacturer in India, our efforts to bring forth the best to the consumer have been the priority. We have been certified by esteemed institutes in the industry, including Thomas Bell Wright Institute for Viva 7 Star FR-B1 4mm Aluminium Composite Panel. Other than that, Viva Metal Composite Panel also conforms to ASTM and EN standards.

The Product Line of ACP Panel

While purchasing ACP panel technicalities is something you cannot skip, that doesn’t mean we can underestimate the aesthetic appeal of the panels. Your chosen manufacturer should offer a diverse range of colours, textures, and finishes to cater to the diverse palette of designers. To know more about shades, and designs you can either visit the nearest distributor, or you can go through the official website of the manufacturer to know more about the look and feel of the shades/textures/designs. With 300+ shades, the in-house spectrophotometer that gives you any shade in the world you can imagine, 3-colour coating line that has a 3-bake system, Viva is an unprecedented leader in the ACP industry. Our plethora of ACP sheet designs have a range of textures and colours that perfectly meet the need of “interior and exterior’ design needs.

Customer Service

ACP sheet is a one-time purchase, but purchasing from an ACP sheet manufacturer in India with lousy customer service is a hassle, for any inconvenience you do not know whom to contact. And in this, even if you have found the perfect ACP sheet manufacturer, they are not perfect enough to be chosen for your needs. For this, always take your time in doing the due research to know who has prompt customer support and how early you get a response if the request is raised. Viva has 24x7 customer support, where for your every little query we have experts who can resolve it promptly. Moreover, our dealer and distributor network reaches the remotest corner, so you can reach out to them for delay in delivery, or getting any problem with the received products.

Price Competitiveness

While it's important to prioritize quality, the cost is a factor that can't be ignored. Viva ACP provides a balance between quality and affordability, ensuring that you get value for your investment. Compare prices from different manufacturers and consider the overall cost of ownership, factoring in durability and maintenance.


Choosing the right ACP manufacturer in India is a critical decision that can significantly impact the aesthetics, durability, and overall success of your project. Choosing Viva as your ACP sheet partner for the project not only gives you access to top-quality materials and finishes but also you can benefit from a company dedicated to customer satisfaction and innovation.