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What are the significant benefits of using Aluminum Composite Panels?

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The aluminium composite panel is in vogue from IT hubs to hospitals. Today, the application of the ACP sheet is undeniable. The material originated in 1969 by Alusingen and BASF, while it came to India in the early 2000s by architects and designers from Dubai.
In the rage of bringing aesthetics to modern infrastructure and building smart cities, the ACP sheet played a crucial role. The benefits and features conducted its usage in residential, commercial, and industrial complexes as exterior façades, interior cladding, and signage.
If you are curious to learn about its benefits and characteristics, then continue reading as we delve deeper into each point.

Aesthetic feature

An aluminium composite panel, also known as an ACP sheet is a flat sandwich panel that consists of thin aluminium sheets sandwiched with composite material. One of the reasons that make its monopoly in the market is its excellence in design and patterns.
We at Viva offer over 300 designs, hues, and colors, so designers and architects can be creative and imaginative in designing dream homes. Moreover, you can pick patterns and colors of your choice and ask for customization to bring out the uniqueness in designing.
If you are not satisfied with the pre-made designs and hues available then, you can always ask for customization. At Viva, we offer 100% customization, which means from the hues to the thickness and size of the panels will be your choice.


Aluminium composite panel has brought down the cost of facade enormously. The panels are cost-effective, and it decreases the overall cost of beautification of a building. The panels do not require professional maintenance, and it is easier to install, which brings down the overall expenditure and cost of installation of ACP sheets.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

As we are going forward in infrastructure, we are sabotaging our relationship with the environment by cutting down the forests and choosing materials that contribute to the increasing temperature of the earth.
ACP panels are 100% recyclable, as their material aluminium and the composite panel can be reused n number of times without losing their quality. The aluminum is scrapped out and useful in making new panels or other aluminum alloy material, while composite material, like PE, is useful in making new panels.

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The panels promote green façades and sustainable architecture. The mirror ACP panel does not reflect heat into the environment, which helps in decreasing the rising temperature of the earth. Moreover, the panel soundproofs the apartment, which keeps you away from the noise pollution outside.

Maintenance-Free Panels

ACP cladding has a powder coating that does not allow dust or pollution to settle on the panels. The panels are resistant to water, which protects them from microbial attack and infestation of fungus. Moreover, it is stain resistant and easy to clean. The ACP panels are easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth and mild solvent. Without much maintenance, it can last over 20 years if installed properly.

Easy Installation

As we are moving ahead, the demand for real estate is growing. To cater to this fast-paced industry, the materials must be easy to install and do not consume much time. ACP panels come with nuts and rivets which can be routed in a rectangular format to install. You can check the installation process here.

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As the demand for ACP panels is growing, the product is diversifying by bringing creative and innovative designs. From 3-D ACP lines to Metal Abstract ACP sheets, Viva has always been the leader in the ACP sheet manufacturing industry.
Check out our wide product range that consists of over 300 ACP sheet designs. To get in touch with our expert you can contact the toll-free number 1800 313 3770