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Designing the Future: Viva ACP's Signature Projects in West India

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Be it one of the largest stadiums in India, or the skyscrapers, West of India is known to have the most intriguing architecture; and so are the materials involved. One of the materials that has been a staple in the architectural evolution of West India is the  Aluminium Composite Panel, and Viva ACP is at the forefront of it. The amalgamation of physical properties and aesthetic features makes ACP sheets the choice of modern architecture. In this article, you will get to know about some of our recent collaborations in elevating the facade of West India.

Project Milestones Of West India

Unique Square, Surat

Unique Square is a business hub, located in the bustling city of Surat, Gujarat has the architectural framework of rich, airy and clean spaces. While shaping the business hub, architects and designers were clear that it would cater to modern businesses that welcome individuals across the world. Hence, it is a must to design it with materials that are sustainable and cater to the required aesthetics. This is the brief we worked with and transformed the space from a blank canvas to a magnificent business centre.
Unique Square, Surat

Project Specifications:

  • Shade Used: VC 312/VC306/VA 8014/VA185
  • Specifications: 4MM7*FRB AND 4MM FR
  • Quantity: 13000 Sq.Mtr

Grand High Street Mall, Pune

Grand High Street Mall is a premium space which is every shopper's destination in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a space where anyone who walks in can enjoy an experience of shopping, dining and entertainment. The brief was to create a high-end luxury space that answers the needs of modern consumers. From signages and ceilings to exterior and interior facades, we were in the process of colours, themes, and design selection that it represents now. VA 345, the Egg White shade represented sophistication, and elegance.
Grand High Street Mall, Pune

Project Specifications:

  • Shade Used: VA-345
  • Specifications: 4mm 0.50, FRB1
  • Quantity: 5000 Sq.Mtr

KRC IT Commer Zone, Pune

In between the bustling city of Pune, stands KRC IT Commer Zone, a commercial IT Zone developed by K Raheja, which is an expansive project covering an area of 2.9 million square feet. This project is home to some of the top companies and luxurious office spaces. In this project, we have created customised shades that represent the holistic environment of the workspace. Our shades were utilised as signage, ceilings, cantilevers, and interior wall panels.
KRC IT Commer Zone, Pune

Project Specification:

  • Shade Used: Customized
  • Specifications: 4MM .5 FR B
  • Quantity: 18000 Sq. Mt

ATC Tower Airport, Vadodara

ATC Tower Airport in Vadodara is adorned with Viva ACP. The tower which handles the traffic signal has been remodeled to match the aesthetic of the Vadodra Airport.
ATC Tower Airport, Vadodara

Project Specification:

  • Shade Used: VA-108, VA-331
  • Specifications: 4SM-7STAR-FR-B1
  • Quantity: 4000 Sq.Mtr.

How Viva Is Elevating The Aesthetics Of West India’s Architecture?

The West of India is gleaming with skyscrapers and modern-sustainable architecture, and the Aluminium Composite Panel is the material that most architects prefer for this transformation. But why?
Well West Of India is prone to high humidity, salty ocean waves, wind, and occasional cyclones, making the construction prone to damage. But aluminium stands tall to these challenges. The thin sheets of aluminium coated with PVDF coating and protective film can withstand the challenges of nature in West India, and able to create stunning architecture.
So, how Viva is leading this renaissance in architecture?

Infinite Customisation

Our ACP colour coating lines, and shade consistency through our paint mixing plant are the prowess behind our ability to provide infinite customisation. The spectrophotometer is able to understand any shade in the world and create the exact tone, so you can achieve the exact shade, texture and hue of your choice. Apart from that, our CNC cut machines, can create intricate designs, and 3D panels, and bring any shape that your designers and architects have approved.


Today high-rise buildings are at the highest risk of fire hazard. This is why, we don’t compromise on the quality of our fire-grade sheets. Each of these is tested at a stringent testing lab, we provide fire retardant panels, certified by Thomas Bell Wright Institute.

Get Spoilt With Choices

With 300+ shades, and a range of ACP sheet design series, we ensure our clients get what they need. Some of our latest launches are AlZinc, a combination of aluminium composite panels with shades of Zinc Composite panels, Phases, it is a copper aluminium sheet that consists of Copper on outer layer, and aluminium below it, and Mirage Fluted Series an ACP design series that transcends dimensions inspired by Greek architecture.
Some other prominent series which enhances the aesthetics of interior and exterior are, Solid & Metallic, Rustic, Premium Wooden, Tarnish, Metal Abstract, Natural Stone, Wooden Texture, Glossy, etc.

Up to 30 years of warranty

ACP sheets manufactured at our extensive plant at Umbergaon qualify through various chemical, physical and technical tests before it is released to the market. With our stringent testing unit, we provide up to 30 years of warranty on Aluminium Composite Panels. Moreover, these panels are resistant to damage from weather, heat, and corrosion which provides the unrivalled durability of these panels.

On-time Delivery

The production capacity of 9 Million Sq mtr annually and 3 colour coating line ensures the timely delivery ACP for your project. With a wide network of dealers and distributors, we deliver at your project site at the expected timeline.

Viva ACP Across Nation and Worldwide

Our commitment to excellence has led us to every corner of India and worldwide. Check out our projects to know our dedication to crafting architectural marvels in India and beyond.
As a leading ACP sheet manufacturer, Viva ACP is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation by delivering the diverse needs of architects, fabricators, consultants and project managers.
Starting a construction project and need an ACP sheet, then reach out to us at the toll-free number 1800 313 3770.