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Enhancing the aesthetics, whether exterior or interior, there are several options to choose from. But structural integrity for the sake of good looks cannot be overlooked. Metal solid panels and Aluminum Composite Panels have been used for a long time to embellish modern architecture. Viva ACP Panels have gone a step above in creating the urban chic look for commercial, residential and industrial spaces that are looking forward to a futuristic design, both in terms of aesthetics and structural integrity.
In this article, we discuss the why and how of creating Metallic ACP, bespoke facades and interiors.

Looks: -

Using a combination of textures, colours, and ACP sheet designs is key to creating a unique appeal. If you go with plain metal cladding, you would be limited in these choices as exact colour shades and customization are not easy to obtain. But with Viva ACP cladding, you would be spoilt for choice. By using a combination of wood, rustic, plain, and metallic textures, you can take your facade looks to the next level. Moreover, with VIVA you get more than 50 metallic colours, making it the ideal choice.
VIVA has also released a range of Corten finish ACP that is the next thing in ACP design, be it interior or exterior – a rustic burnt orange with shimmers of silver give it an especially outstanding look. Our expertise in ACP, allows us to give you a 15* year warranty of the colour of any ACP, making for purchase with peace of mind. Contrary to popular belief, the softcore in sandwiched panels ensures similar formability as metallic panels. ACP can also be used for interior applications unlike metal panels as it is flexible, scratch-free and has anti-microbial properties.

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VIVA you get more than 50 metallic colours, making it the ideal choice.

Weather resistance:-

When choosing anything metallic, there are two things to consider – wind resistance and corrosion. On both counts, Aluminium panels are the safer choice. The aluminium composite panel comes with high wind resistance with lighter weight which is making it ideal for signage and cladding at high rises.
When it comes to corrosion (which is of high consideration in polluted, humid, salty and dusty environments), ACP sheets perform really well and ensure longevity. Weather resistance is especially important in a country like India, where it has been mandated by official authorities.

Convenience and maintenance:-

As a lightweight component, Aluminum Corrugated Panels can be installed very easily. They require minimum maintenance to ensure shine. On the one hand, metal panels are heavy and costly. They also take more time in installation due to the added weight. Whereas ACP panels are much easier to install and take much lesser time. Maintenance services are also easily available and don’t require the usage of any special materials for care. Despite being lightweight, VIVA aluminium plastic composite panels are strong and sturdy.

Fire retardant:-

FR panels are of high consideration when it comes to commercial high-rises. Metal panels may have a low melting point and may reduce the time for evacuation during emergencies. FR grade ACPs have the ultimate fire safety rating and you can never go wrong with them. However, VIVA panels are certified for A2 and A2+ for fire retardants and are very safe for use in public infrastructure.


The last and sometimes most important consideration is the one-time investment, maintenance costs, longevity and appeal against the purchase. ACP panels are very forgiving on this front and are the favourite choice among designers, because of the variety of textures, colours and choices available. VIVA ACP is very affordably priced and fit easily into the budget of most projects. There is also immense saving in transportation for ACP compared to metal panels.
As a leading ACP Sheet Manufacturer, VIVA takes special care in bringing the best quality product forward. Viva’s solid aluminium metallic series comes in a wide range as well. VIVA has you covered on all the latest trends with premium series like wooden, galaxy, stone, marble, corten steel, desert, brush, mirror, sparkle and many more! What’s more, you can even have your colours and designs customized! So explore your creative side, and give your pet project the best cover with Viva Aluminium Composite Panels.